Saturday, October 14, 2017

Intricate New Stencils from Cecilia Swatton

Color and texture are what it is all about for mixed media artist Cecilia Swatton. She's designed 3 new intricate, abstract stencils and a new flower stencil. Take a moment to check out how these stencils look alone or paired with another of her stencils.

Take it away, Cecilia!

"My Tiger Lily Stencil arose as I developed a drawing in the medallion compositional format. I didn’t start with a flower in mind, but when I’d finished, I saw a stylized tiger lily filling the central area of the design."

"The Webbed Medallion Stencil was inspired by an art class I took.  We were introduced to a number of compositional formats, one of which was the medallion – a focal area centered within the substrate, with lines extending out to the edges of the substrate."

"I developed the Sprigs Stencil from my sketches of leaves on gently curving stems."  

"Thistles is a showcase of silhouetted thistles in bloom.  Thistles are seen as weeds by everyone except me!  The shape of this flower has always fascinated me."

You can learn more about Cecilia on her blog and you can get these new stencils by clicking HERE.


  1. Thistles are not weeds! These will make great additions to my Swatton collection...

  2. Beautiful collection. Thistles are lovely!

  3. Wow, Cecelia!!! Your stencils are beautiful!! In the middle of the "Sprigs Stencil", I immediately saw an angel!! Gorgeous.........


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