Friday, November 17, 2017

Presenting Ian's Art Project and 5 new stencils by Mary Beth Shaw

There are times when Mary Beth sees something and decides it must become a stencil! That happened recently when her 13-year-old grandson, Ian, had his art chosen for the school district-wide art show. 

This is Ian posing with his art:

Mary Beth says: "At first, when I saw his art project from a distance I did not realize that each square was the same design, then I saw that he had repeated it 24 times! I freaked out and told him it has to be a stencil." 

Turns out, it needed to be two.

The mini and small stencils allow the user to make repeating patterns.

Here is an encaustic piece Mary Beth made with the small, S537, Ian's Art Project Stencil.

Mary Beth was contemplating the flowers outside a window when these stencils, small Scribble Roses stencil and large Web of Roses Stencil Mask, came to mind:

Scribble Roses

Web of Roses

Circuits and Tiny Grid Boxes Stencils:

Circuits Stencil
Circuits. What would we do without them in our modern world? Mary Beth designed the little boxes of her mini Circuits Stencil so you can `make your own connections in your art journal and mixed media art.

Tiny Grid Boxes
Tiny Grid Boxes is another, less frantic stencil than Circuits. Use it to make connections across your journal papes.

And, by popular demand, the Shape Shifter Mask Mary Beth used in a StencilClub livestream a few months ago:

Shape Shifter Mask

You can find more stencils by Mary Beth HERE as well as more stencils by her artistic grandsons: Ian's Crop Circles and Aidan's School.

Happy stenciling!


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