Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sketchy Women, Alpha Jumbles, Figments, Rainbows and Then Some!

Everything is coming up rainbows when you have Sketchy Women with Class and Attitude!

We'll let Carolyn share her art journal and then we'll show you all the stencils!

Mother Nature’s breath taking display of color deserves to be honored and celebrated and Carolyn does in her Little Painted Rainbows and Painted Rainbows Large Stencils.

Carolyn says, "Rainbows aren’t soft or delicate, they are the hard won reward for making it through a difficult storm."

Look at all the joy you can find painting rainbows!

Or use the bottom part of the stencil for paint drips!

The hand sketched silhouettes in these next two stencils can speak for themselves yet leave room for customization in your art. 

These ladies in Sketchy Women with Attitude have no time for nonsense, bringing a touch of sass and savvy to anything they touch.

The Sketchy Women with Class Stencil captures the grace and elegance of poised, confident women. 

Who else has attitude? Teenagers, that's who! Her's Carolyn's Teenage Angst Stencil:

Where will Sketchy Women with Class go in your art? Maybe a garden? 

One always hears about Monet’s Garden but after standing in front of Kandinsky’s paintings at the Guggenheim Museum, Carolyn began to wonder what would his garden look like. The shapes, marks, and brush strokes on Kandinsky’s canvases inspired these botanicals that would line his garden. 

Carolyn muses, "Are these tall trees, clustered flowers, or something else? With abstract art, the answer is up to you!"

For all you card maker's out there, how about these Alpha Jumble Stencils?

Carolyn gathers the alphabet in this small stencil to create a frame for 7 sentiments that fit in the center of the alpha jumble so you’re ready for any occasion!

Here's the large Alpha Jumble Stencil filled with alphabet soup and regular letters so you can spell out your own sentiment.

Flip your imagination into high gear because there are more stencils by Carolyn! 

Figments of Imagination, designed by Carolyn Dube, are whimsical creatures and critters, who hang around the tubes of paint to spark and encourage play.

The masks are attached - remove them and double your fun!

In fact, the large Large Figments of Imagination comes with the masks too!

Never fear if figments aren't your thing. It IS Hip to Be Square!

These square letters are Carolyn's Hip to Be Square Alphabet. The stencil makes it a breeze to align when stenciling, just put the edges of the boxes together vertically of horizontally.  It comes in large and small versions.

This stencil includes all the letters and numbers with the letter O doing double-duty as the zero.

Vintage Typewriter Numbers , Speckles and Spots, and Open Ended Alphabet stencils round out this release.

The Vintage Typewriter Numbers Stencil  is part of a collection that explores letters and words mixing the age old professions of author and artist. With numbers based on vintage typewriter characters, you can use something old to add something new to your art. Flexibility to create the words you want, no typewriter required! This stencil coordinates with the Vintage Typewriter Alphabets.

The Open-Ended stencil was inspired by the mid century charm of neon lettering. These letters are versatile since you can leave them open creating a modern vibe, you can quickly use a pen or brush to close up the ends to create outline lettering, and then you can fill them with any and everything from scribble journaling to doodling to paint!

This stencil is filled with Speckles and Spots of all sizes dancing the polka! Bring the party to your art with these playful spots! Use it by itself, or layer it in multiple colors!

You can see all of Carolyn Dube's stencils on her StencilGirl page and she is a prolific maker of colorful, dynamic art tutorials on her website.


  1. Love all your new stencils. The colors and layouts are have been working it girl; so much to share. Thanks

  2. These are awesome stencils !! So many possibilities !!

  3. I hope there is a Black Friday-ish sale this year because my wish list is getting really, really long!

  4. Carolyn you’re twisting my arm, my Christmas wish list just got waaay longer!

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