Saturday, January 13, 2018

Introducing Halo and Soulful Scribbles Stencils

Let light surround your soul as we begin 2018 with Soulful Scribbles and Halo, new stencil collections by Traci Bautista and Pam Carriker.

Explore color, freedom, and expressive mark-making when you PLAY with Traci Bautista’s latest stencil collection SOULFUL SCRIBBLES. These stencils were created from a recent body of abstract mixed media artwork she created that includes colorful scribbles, organic patterns, and wild mark-making. Now you can incorporate these marks into your very own work using the stencil collection.

These stencils can be used whole or cut into pieces {think rectangles, squares or event circles} to create unlimited designs. They are perfect to combine with Traci’s other StencilGirl collections like the Deconstructed Florals to create a juxtaposed “graffiti” background that combines soft flowy lines of florals mixed with the wildness and unstructured lines of scribbles.

The stencils are perfect for layering on top of each other to create additional abstract designs. Or just use a small section to add a bit of contrast over the background.

All Traci’s stencils can be used in a variety of art projects including, art journaling, sketchbooks, art quilting, ceramics/pottery, handmade cards, or mixed media projects.

Soulful Scribbles
Printmaking + ceramics Tip: Place the stencil on the clay slab and press it into the clay by rolling over the top with a soft rubber brayer. This will create a texture print on the slab. Cut the slab and handbuild into a vessel.

Let Go
Mixed media collage layers Tip: Don’t be afraid to MIX your media! Create Plexiglas prints then cut them into pieces and collage them onto the canvas. Place stencils over the top and spray ink through them to make additional prints. Add acrylic paint and various media like oil pastels, gel pens, and colored pencils.

Dyed paper towel prints Tip: Paint stencil designs on 2-ply paper towels. Dye the paper towels with inks or watered down acrylic. Place a stencil over the wet dyed paper towel on top of a piece of paper then roll over the stencil using a soft rubber brayer to transfer the print to the paper. Repeat.

Oil pastel resist rubbing plates Tip: Place stencil under a thin piece of paper like copy, sketch or drawing paper. Take the side of a crayon or oil pastel and rub it over the top of the paper to create a print of the stencil. Brush watercolor or an acrylic wash over the top. The crayon or oil pastel will act as a resist.


Black Gesso Tip: Experiment using black gesso as a paint resist or painted top layer. Place a stencil over the substrate and roll black gesso over the top with a foam paint roller. Turn over the stencil and take a print to remove the excess gesso. Set it aside to dry.

Dots Dashes

Spring Bloom Collage


Pam Carriker's series of Halo stencils were inspired by a love for iconic religious art/figures and the symbolism behind them. The use of a ‘halo’ behind a face gives an aura of importance and draws the eye to the image and Pam says, "I love that you can use the circle to add journaling, color, words of inspiration or creative thought."

Radiant Halo radiates light and positive imagery. The radiant beams are a great place to add journaling, words or patterns.

Whether you leave the head area of Beautiful Halo blank and fill it in with journaling or design or add a face, this stencil will add an element of beauty to your work. It's a simple design that can be added to by your own hand.

Creative Halo was inspired by the artists color wheel and gives an array of creative approaches to creating a colorful focus to a face in your work.

Faithful Halo is Pam's favorite. It is a powerful image that can add deep meaning to your work.

Best of all, Pam's 6x6 Face Map Stencil can be layered on any of the Halo stencils!

Will you scribble, wear a halo, or both?


  1. I saw the halos in the shop, then all these wonderful blog posts came out! ahsquire (at) hotmail dot com

  2. Oh my gosh! I love these Pam! You hit it out of the ballpark. And Traci's stuff too! Amazing artistry. :).

  3. Each of these release on their own would be the bomb. Together, this just might be my favorite release ever!


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