Friday, February 23, 2018

“What to do with that Paint Covered Stencil!” by Wendy Aikin

Hi, this is Wendy Aikin. Last month on StencilGirl Talk, I shared my process for creating my own unique fabric design for a pillow using my Crazed stencil. As I was working, I decided to blot my stencil onto a nice piece of printmaking paper, which turned into two additional projects – here’s the first one!

This is a photo of the original project created on fabric (see my blog post Crazed for Fabric here):

Rives Lightweight paper (or any nice quality paper)
            Paper towel
            Watercolor pencils

Step One: After stenciling onto your original project, flip your stencil paint side down onto the Rives paper.

Step Two:  Cover the stencil with a paper towel.

Step Three: Gently roll the brayer over the paper towel to transfer the paint onto the paper.
Save the paper towel for my blog post tutorial next month on StencilGirl Talk entitled “Don’t Throw it Out!”

Step Four: Remove the stencil and wash.

Step Five: Embellish the stencil design. I used watercolor pencils:

  Step Six: Frame it!
“What to do with that Paint Covered Stencil!” by Wendy Aikin

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