Monday, April 30, 2018

Cue the Standing Ovation for Our 2017-18 Creative Team

Hello all, this is Mary Beth. When I first started StencilGirl®, I had never even heard of a Creative Team. Back in those early days, we had a few people, many were students or friends of mine, some have since become artists for SGP. We handed out stencils and hoped that people would use them.
These days, our Creative Team is a much bigger deal in that we require applications and it's all very official-like with requirements and deadlines. 

As we say goodbye to this year's team, I count my blessings for their dedication and talent. I have enjoyed the Blog Posts immensely and continue to be astonished at the sheer genius exhibited by these girls! Every member of our Team is a rock star and I am grateful for the clever projects you all have put forth. Thank you for being part of SGP and for using our stencils is such inspiring ways. I wish all of you much success with your artistic path and will enjoy watching your journey for years to come. 
Mary Beth

Please cue the applause and a standing ovation!

Carol Baxter here. I must take this opportunity to thank the members of our outbound 2017-18 StencilGirl® Creative Team for their time and talent and making my job nudging them a blast!

I read and answer a ton of email but there are none I anticipate more than, my post is up or my pictures are attached

Let me tell you, it is like getting to peek at presents each week. 

Below, I have chosen my favorite Creative Team projects, in no particular order. You can click the link of the pic to see the post that goes with the art.

Torrie Gass aka Fox + Hazel's Vibrant Vibe

Torrie, your art vibrates with imaginative joy.

When I look at Jungle Vibez I keep expecting the leaves and vines  to part and leave me staring at a tiger!

Debi Adams' Valentine Cards

Layers and details and love, oh my! Debi, you've shown us how precision meets fun.

Your cards are mini works of art, I mean heart, I mean art, I mean heart .....

Sandee Setliff's Story Telling

Sandee, divining the story or message in your art makes me want to write fairy tales. 

The softness with which you use color is so intriguing.

Kiala Givehand's Beautiful Simplicity

Kiala, you show new stencilers a place to begin and more advanced stencilers a way to relax.

Louise Nelson's Weeping Forest

Louise, you have a style all your own and its darkness and light are equally enchanting. 

I like the way your imagination stretches.

Cindy Gilstrap aka Junque Art's Sheer Delight

Cindy, I nabbed Flowers in Her Hair and she was my screensaver because it, like all your creative work, is so effervescent. 

Sherry Canino's Fabulous Videos

Sherry, the way you explain stenciling techniques so effortlessly in your videos make me, and I am sure others, want to try new ways to make art.

I especially like it when you make tags. They are gifts in and of themselves-- no need to open any package!

Karen Gaunt's Delightful Art Journaling

Karen, I can tell that for you, art journaling is a way of life. 

You inspire me to work beyond the paint and page and grab a collage element or three.

Belen Sotelo aka Art & Whimsy's Rolodex Cards

Ah, whimsical Belen. If I still worked in a "real" office I would definitely need to color code my contact cards.

Expecting the unexpected art project is pure pleasure.

Tina Walker's Mixed Media Madness

Tina, I can never guess what you will transform into a work of art. Will you ice dye a scarf? Make a doll? Play in your art journal? Add texture to a found object?

My fave project of yours is whatever your muse is urging you to make next.

Kiala, Sherry, and Debi, I have met you face to face and it was my honor. 

Torrie, Sandee, Louise, Cindy, Karen, Tina, and Belen, I sure hope to cross paths with you on this artistic journey we call life!

I was so fortunate to be able to work with each of you!

Wishing you more art products than your studio can hold and all the time you crave to make art,
Carol Baxter
StencilGirl® Creative Team Manager


  1. Same here Sandee! I love the stencils, the team, the management, the energy, the creativity and the positivity!!


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