Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ann Butler & Valerie Sjodin have fabulous new stencils!

This post is so full of treats, tips, stencils, and tutorials you'll swoon!

Not only do we have a new stencil designer to introduce to you, Ann Butler, we have stencils by returning artist Valerie Sjodin along with tutorials from both!

Squares and Tris Set 1
Inspired from Quilting, the Squares & Tris Stencil Sets 1 and 2 makes creating quilt patterns so easy by being able to line up the squares and triangles together to create endless quilt blocks and patterns. The open squares and triangles gives you the opportunity to add a base of color under the pattern, creating a wonderful effect. In addition to quilt blocks the Squares & Tris Stencil set is perfect for creating your own fabric, adding patterns to mixed media projects, creating backgrounds and so much more.

Squares and Tris Set 2

The Flourish Alphabet Uppercase Stencil has letters that are approximately 1 1/2” high which are the perfect for many projects. A Beautiful Flourish Alphabet that will let you add any words or monograms to your projects.

Flourish Alphabet Uppercase

The Hexagon Stencil is filled with a nice assortment of patterns along with an open hexagon to add a colored background before adding a pattern on top creating a wonderful effect. These hexagons are sized to go together and can easily create backgrounds for mixed media, faux quilting, cards and more. Let your imagination go and see what you come up with.

Assorted Hexagons Set 1

The Rails Stencil set makes creating quilt patterns so easy by being able to line up each Rail pattern together to create wonderful backgrounds and quilt patterns. The open rail gives you the opportunity to add a base of color under the pattern, creating a wonderful effect. These rails can be used alone or together to add patterns to any project.

1 by 4 Rails Set 1

The Circles Stencil has a nice assortment of patterns and sizes that can be used in a variety of projects. Circles are the perfect addition to add additional layering in mixed media projects, creating background, adding something extra to cards, and so much more.

Assorted Circles Set 1
Ann will be sharing projects with her EZ De's (Easy Design Elements for Stenciling, Faux Quilting, Mixed Media & More) on her blog in the coming weeks, so be sure to check out Ann Butler Designs. But if waiting makes you feel as if you are on pins and needles...

Valerie's new stencils, Sunburst, Cumulus Clouds, Leafy Trees Arch Mask , Winter Trees Bark, and Swallows Take Flight pair perfectly together.

Sunburst 4"x4" Stencil
Use this mini Sunburst Stencil to create a pleasing glow through the trees.

Cumulus Clouds Stencil

Reminiscent of pleasant days and childhood memories, Valerie Sjodin's Cumulus Clouds Stencil provides the background for journal pages, cards, visual story telling, etc. Use your scissors or craft knife to detach the top layer of clouds for use as a mask.

Technique: Acrylic

Winter Tree Arch Bark Stencil

Winter Trees Arch Bark Stencil (above) and the Leafy Trees Arch Mask (below) adapt perfectly in the margin of a journaling Bible, the center three arches in an interleaved Bible, Bible Cover, art journal, or artwork. 
Leafy Tree Arch Mask

Technique: Gelato Pens and Colored Pencils

Technique: Acrylic Spray

Valerie's Swallows take Flight Stencil brings leaves on trees or a canopy of leaves at the top of a card or journal, small swallows to add joy and life to any page, with grass and flowers. ​Use your craft knife or scissors to gently snip the tiny attachments and you can use the grassy landscape separately. The stencil can be added to all sorts of pages, or pair it with the Leafy Trees Arch L634, Winter Trees Arch Bark L635 and Sunburst M214 to celebrate the beauty of nature.

Add whimsy and mystery to with the swirly Clouds and Stars Stencil.

Ideal for adding movement to your art, the mini Spirit Wind Stencil (above) and the small Spirit Swirl Mask (below) mimic Valerie's 9"x12" Spirit Wind Mask L578.

Are your chairs in need of a make-over? Does this spark an idea or three?

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