Thursday, June 28, 2018

My Favorite Art Book - The Challenge of Picking ONE Favorite with Trena Brannon

Hello Beautiful People!

In my world of art, "my favorite" tends to be what I'm working with in the moment of creating, of being inspired ... of just thinking about art! When I'm asked "what is your favorite color?, my response is "all of them!"  Why do we have to choose just one favorite? I believe we can have many favorites.

I was able to pick one for today as inspiration using stencils on glass.  Considering the size and shape of the pieces I painted, I chose stencil designs that had open areas and repeated the design.  I put the design at different heights, so each glass would be unique. It's a twist on wine charms, so you know which glass is yours. :)

When I think about my favorite mixed media book, I was able to narrow it down to an author, Sherill Kahn.  For the longest time, I was pronouncing her first name wrong - my apologies Sherill (SHARE-L)! Creative Stamping with Mixed Media Techniques is the very first mixed media book that I purchased - I was really into stamping then and bought it for the stamping piece, and quickly fell for the mixed media techniques. Translation - bought many supplies listed in the book. hehehe  In her books, Sherill takes to you from the moment of inspiration to the technical application and includes 'the why'. It not about how "perfect" the piece is, it's about creating an interesting piece - I feel she is speaking directly to me!  Her books include creating on various substrates  (paper, fabric, glass, ceramic, plastic, etc...), step out photos, and bright colors.  Sherill and the two Donnas (Dewberry and Downey) really helped me get comfortable with acrylic paint. 

The inspiration for the project I'm sharing with you today is from her book, Creating with Paints - New Ways, New Materials.

Watch this short video to see the method I used to paint the set of glasses. 

Here's are some additional pieces I painted - I could not stop at just one project! :)  The two cups on the right are plastic. This technique works on both glass and plastic! 

Supplies used:
Glass & Plastic:  glasses and plastic cups-Dollar Store, glass purse-Hobby Lobby
Paints: Liquitex professional gesso, ColourArte Vivid Ultra-Mellatics & Silks acrylic glaze, Jacquard Lumiere and Neopaque, Pebeo, Golden, Liquitex, Sargent Liquid Metal Gold
Other: sponges, PanPastels soft tools, Isopropyl Alcohol,  Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish (to seal the glass set)
Stencils: S317, S105, StencilClub 07-2017 ,

Thank you so much for reading and watching!!
Take care and STAY POSITIVE!


  1. Love these glasses... What a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much! They were fun to make. Take care and STAY POSITIVE!


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