Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Sweet State Package Deal + Stenciled Girlfriend Trip Goody Bags


Three years ago, I took on the task of designing state stencils. It was more complicated than I thought... I wanted every state to be relational to each other and every state to be a decent size for projects. In addition, I wanted to fit as many states as I could on one stencil along with including some fun little map icons. 

There was way more left brain involved than right (which is never fun, ha!) However, I'm glad I did as I LOVE having the states as part of my stencil collection and use them frequently for a wide range of projects from travel journaling to making goody bags (like the ones below.) 

Now, with the introduction of this 
this is the perfect time to add these to your stencil collection!  

I so enjoy a girls getaway. 

And for every girl's trip I am very fond of putting together goody bags for my favorite girlfriends. 

This past May my group of five traveled to Los Angeles, CA. We had ELLEN tickets, which was amazing! Rob Lowe was the big guest and we won tickets to come back for the 12 days of Giveaways! I am still pinching myself. 

Anyway, to make the bags, I purchased a 10-pack of kraft gift bags from Michael's and stenciled the state of California in white. I let the state dry and added the starfish stencil on top in various shades of pink.

And here's what I packed inside! If you notice I'm a bit OCD about color. I wanted the bags to be pinkish so everything included inside is indeed "pinkish". Here's a list of what I included:

1) A stenciled scout book (see below) to record trip highlights
2) Migraine Relief for the morning after
3) A pocket tissue holder I made these myself using an online tutorial
4) Emergen C to keep us all healthy and energized
5) Personalized Wine Cups no explanation needed
6) Ghiradelli Chocolate everyone needs chocolate
7) Strawberry Face Masks to relax and indulge
8) Hand sanitizer a must for travel

To make the scout books, I simply opened the book flat and stenciled first the state and then the starfish. I added a bit of glittered washi tape at the bottom to finish the book as pictured above.

For each bag, I put together a monogrammed tassel making a tassel first, stringing a bead, adding a tag (paper flower and glittered letter adhered to tag) and knotting the top. Here's a visual of how it came together:

For friends visiting me this summer in my home state of Ohio, I customized similar bags for their visit. Instead of the starfish, I used the deer antler flowers stencil.

Below is a sampling of some additional projects I've completed over the years using the state stencils. As you can see from the large USA painting, every state is scaled relationally to each other so if you are so inclined you can fit them all together like a puzzle. This canvas is 24" x 24" to give you an idea of how large the entire USA ends up being.

My daughter used the stencils to help her learn the states by making a State Flip Book. Each page in this spiral-bound notecard book features a different state with fun facts.

For Christmas presents one year, I embroidered states using a heart for the city of family and friends. DIY instructions.

Below, I focused in on one state and some of the icons that remind me of Texas.

I hope you'll consider adding the states to your stencil collection. I'd love to see what you create!

You never know when the offer will disappear so act now!

Here is the link to get your favorite state stencils at a fabulous price! 

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  1. These are amazing gifts. We traveled a lot when we were younger so will be fun to use in scrapbook pages and journal.


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