Wednesday, July 4, 2018

In Honor of... Women's Sphere & the Right to Vote

Greetings! This Carol Baxter, wishing you Happy 4th of July if you live in the US and an equally happy Wednesday to those of you who do not!

The theme StencilGirl® gave the Creative Team for July is In Honor of...

After thinking about some obvious choices such as people personally important to me, and in light of the Independence Day holiday in the US, I began noodling around the internet for a group that said, "I accomplished ______ . Pick me." Hence:

I became lost for a an hour or so in Suffragette Movement cartoons (mostly anti, some pro) from a century ago. Sobering. Outrageous. Powerful. And the timeline! Thought provoking.

The cartoon in the center of my art journal page is a 1917 cartoon by, enlightened human being, Kenneth Russel Chamberlain. 

On the wall it reads: "Woman's sphere is ("the home" is crossed out) wherever she makes good ____"

The Home
The Law
The School
The Stage
The Arts

I made note of a few dates on my art journal page:

1777 women lose the right to vote in New York. A decade later, New Jersey is the only state holding out. In 1807 that right is revoked.

1848 Women's Suffrage is proposed by Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

1906 Stanton's daughter, Harriet, forms the Equality League of Self Supporting Women and initiates the practice of holding suffragette parades.

11-14-1917 "Night of Terror"

1920 The 19th Amendment to the US Constitution is ratified giving women the right to vote.

The meaning of 51 is dual - Women make up nearly 51% of the world's population. Coincidentally, it happens to be my age.

Roughly gesso journal page
Mark where cartoon will go
Lay out star masks and tape down 
Use Smudgee to apply red paint
Remove masks.
Glue down cartoon and write over words in red
Outline stars in blue pen
Place star stencil and spray with walnut ink
Make stitch marks in red pen

Finish outlining stars in blue, and write in a few facts... 

Aug 2017 StencilClub by Mary C Nasser
Art Deco Alphabet Stencil by Gwen Lafleur
I hope whoever you are, where ever you reside, whatever art mediums and styles become you, you are enjoying the benefits of freedom this day!

Carol B.

It's almost time!!!
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