Monday, July 9, 2018

Made By Janet

 Hi Stencil Friends!
Janet here, with my StencilGirl Column 
focused on Journals and Planners.
I love spreading the Joy!
Let's start  with my Life Documented planner project.
(Years ago this was the Documented Life Project)

It's really quick and easy to use stencils in your planners.
I approach mine as more of a place to do weekly art 
AND keep track of appointments and events.-

I love this little birdie stencil and use it often!

July 2018 StencilClub Kit

Next in my line up...
 You see a lot of art journalers designate journals for specific events or trips...
It's great to open a travel journal to remember your trip to Italy 
or your cross country road trip to Mount Rushmore.

Folks also commemorate achievements or home remodels or parties...

How about Cataract Surgery? Why not?
I had some little 3 1/2" X 5 1/2" journals prepped for another reason
so I commandeered one for my Eyeball Art Journal.

I admit having my eyes worked on was a little unnerving.
Wouldn't you be freaked out?
I wanted to be able to express myself through this whole journey and
I know that I am able to do that better in colors, lines and shapes than with words.
Hence, an art journal....

Your art tells a story.
Don't be afraid to express yourself. 
See you next time!

1 comment:

  1. Having had cataract surgery not so very long ago, I can really relate to everything you've shown here! I've had quite a few surgeries over my lifetime, but nothing compared with the unnerving experience of having my eyes worked on. I ended up getting the non-corrective lenses put in, which I think was a big mistake, at least for me. I'm now much more dependent on eyeglasses than ever before. And then there were the two "secondary cataracts" -- a label that's a misnomer, since the secondary issue isn't really a cataract; it's corrected with a laser procedure. This secondary problem doesn't happen to everyone who has cataract surgery -- and I hope it won't happen to you!


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