Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Jill McDowell's Top10 Art Studio Solution Countdown

Hi Everyone.  Its Jill McDowell here with you today for the Creative Team.  Are you enjoying this month’s Stored in My Studio theme? I’m loving the opportunity to be a voyeur in the team’s studios and all of the tips, tricks, and projects to get organized. Today it's my turn to entice and inspire you with some hacks of my own.

My college roommate always used to say that our decor style was "Early American Attic" and all these years later I'm proud to say that it still holds true. My small, cape-style home reflects my love of collecting and repurposing sometimes quirky and eclectic vintage finds. My rule of thumb is that if it's too precious for everyday use, then there's no reason to buy it.  

Join me in my studio where we will be counting down My Top 10 Top Art Studio Solutions. I'll show you some of my favorite ways to put all of those thrift store finds to use, including my solution for storing Stencil Club sets in an art journal made from a thrift store staple.  

To be completely honest, the methodology that I used to determine the Top Ten probably was not all that was scientific, (I was the only one to cast votes...) but its all in good fun. So come with me into my studio and lets start counting!

(Look for the complete list of all of the stencils used in the video at the end of this post.)

Here are a few pics of my 2018 StencilClub Art Journal made from a vintage album designed to hold records.  

The cover of the album is a work in progress since it's a compilation of the entire year of Stencil Club sets.  So far I've included designs from the January through August 2018 collections.

I took a little artistic license with the inside cover and used two stencils that aren't Stencil Club designs, (Gwen Lafleur's Boho Birds L628 and Art Deco Alphabet L500).  

On the right-hand side of this spread is my rendition of June Pfaff Daley's January 2018 Set, Under Lock and Key

    Although it's not necessary, I keep the stencils in either a Stencil Club mailing envelope or a file folder inserted into the page sleeve. While I haven't decorated all of the journal inserts yet, I'm planning on working on them when I'm watching tv. This insert has some Thermo-o-web foil transfers on it for a little glitz and glam.  

    The next spread features the February 2018 set, Grandmother's Kitchen designed by Kristie Taylor and MaryBeth Shaw's March 2018 Private Collection 18.1.

    Next up is the April 2018 set, Illustrated Hearts and Birds designed by Jennifer Evans and the May 2018 set, Post Memphis by Andrew Borloz.

    Followed by the June 2018 set, Rosie 'O designed by Desiree Habitat and the July 2018 set, Ceramic Tiles by Gwen Lafleur.

    And last but not least is the August set, 2018 Playtime by Carolyn Dube.

    Before I go, I wanted to leave you some wise words of wisdom from Carolyn Dube.

    so, go ahead.....   Eat More Donuts!

    Hugs until next time,


    Stencil Club Stencil Sets shown in the video

    Scraps in Turandot Record Collection Box

    2016 - 2017 24 Golden Karat Hits (Record Collector Box):


         (1) Front Cover
         (2) Inside Cover Left
         (3) Inside Cover Right
         (4) Record Sleeve

    2018 Stencil Club Art Journal (Repurposed Record Collection Album) 

    Inside Front Cover

    Front Cover and Stencil Club Set Pages 


    1. Wow Jill!
      You rocked every stencil you used!! What a cool idea to use that record album holder! Good for you!
      Off to watch your video now- thanks for taking the time to hare!

      ps i like the rule you use when shopping vintage/antique! good thing to remember

    2. Thank you for sharing your art solutions...I love getting a peak into studio..

    3. What novel, practical, and fun! ideas! Very inspiring, Jill!

    4. I am going to need to go to my thrift shop and find some of those record collector boxes! All you storage ideas look so pretty, I want to come play in your studio!

    5. I totally love this , Jill!!!l, esp what you did with the album boxed sets!

    6. Beautiful ideas. I love every one. The record albums are my favorites. Such a great idea and inspiring storage. Dee

    7. I love how you used the old record album cover - it is beautiful!

    8. What a fabulous way to beautifully re-purpose an item from no longer being used to a perfect storage space for stencils! I love it. If I find one, I won't be passing it up. Thanks for the inspiration!

    9. I admit to not being a vintage type personality, its just not my vibe, but you've given me another way to look at the beauty of the things I overlook. What a great insight that is, thank you! And I LOVE your design work, your color blending and the clever way (along with all the time it must take) all the albums are decorated. Stunning.

    10. This album is amazing! I want to go to your thrift store. I sure would like to have a couple of these record album holders to play with too. I don't have anything like this where we live. I'm wondering though about the archival quality. Since the album's are so old wouldn't the pages contain acid? I also love those warmers that you showed in your solutions. Thanks so much for this video!!


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