Thursday, December 13, 2018

Sandee's Artful Celebrations: a meaningful "Meraki" table

Meraki is of Greek origin and means
"Leaving a piece of yourself (your soul, creativity, or love) in your work."

For my project today I visited the Blueridge Humane Society Thrift Store.
Our purchases and donations provide the organization with its principal source of income.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this unfinished little table sitting right outside their front door and quickly grabbed it up, the possibilities were unlimited and I was excited to get started. I even had a warm  chilly-ish day to get started, and as long as I was perched out in the sun and without our usual mountain winds, it was OK.

I kinda knew what I was going to create ( I say kinda cause I really never really know what I am going to do ) and gathered all my StencilGirl® stencils together and laid out my gameplan in my head.
 Do you do sketches before you start or are you like me or are you a
"fly by the seat of your pants" kinda girl like me?

On the top of the table I used:

I also used:
DecoArt Starlight varnish along with their acrylic paints
2 of my very own Rubbermoon stamps: Fairy Bright and Fairy Lovely


Let your brushmarks give you extra depth by letting them work for you like I did here by using them to express the moon's radiance. Doesn't hurt either to use a varnish that has sparkles in it either to help give you that celestial ambiance.

On the legs of the table I used:

I also used parts of the RubberMoon collage sheet and wrapped the edge of the table in their Signature washi tape.

To help washi tape stick better to a surface let the paint be your friend. I laid down the tape right over freshly applied paint while it was still tacky and once it dries it really holds the tape securely to your project.

I created a time-lapse video too so you can get a sense of the order of things, although the word "order" should only be loosely used when describing me, lol

"If I could play and dream to inspire with wonder and to imagine my soul as an artist
and just breathe"

I hope you enjoyed my artful celebration with made with meraki 💙



  1. What a delightful and inspiring project, Sandee - thanks for sharing!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. WOW-- what an amazing project using stencils! Your stencil work is best around! Thanks for the details on how you accomplished this artsy table! Great & inspiring project.

  4. Sandee, this is a great project with wonderful tips. I love your stencil choices and the colors you used. Gorgeous!

  5. Phenomenal project and subject matter really grabbed my imagination! Love the choice of colors and stencils you choose. Wow times 1000!

  6. Wow - this is just amazing! Love how you used all the stencils!


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