Wednesday, March 6, 2019

It's a colorful March when StencilClub Voices create with Mail Art!

Greetings to you!

Oh, how our StencilClub Voices push me to discover new ways to use stencils and retry some faves. I hope you will feel pushed in a good way when you see the art produced by their creative minds and hands with Mail Art ~ the March 2019 StencilClub set Created by Ann Butler.
     Carol B.

Love Letter to My Heart ~ Vanessa Bennett

"It’s a love letter to my heart. It’s there to remind me that Love Conquers All," Vanessa said.

But Vanessa didn't love it so she turned it onto bookmarks.

"Even something you don’t love can turn into something you do!" she says.

Layered Dimensional Card ~ Kim Kendell

Kim Kendell made a delightfully layered greeting card. (We are glad she is staying wild!)

Jointed Paper Doll ~ Linda Wyatt

When Linda Wyatt saw the March Stencil Club set by Ann Butler she was reminded of the special dresses and hats her mother made for her at Easter. Linda says, "The stencils also reminded me that my first calling, as an artist, was fabric design." 

You can read more about her process on her blog post, Summer of Love Envelopes and Paper Doll.

Puns for My Art Journal ~ Carol B.

Fence, Curls, Lattice, Daisy. I may have gone a little crazy with the large stencil.

Library checkout cards and pockets in my stash = goofy, odd acrylic/pen/washi pockets to glue into my art journal when a page comes up that needs one.

If you're on Facebook, check out the March 1 saved livestream
Mary Beth made abstract art with the Mail Art set Ann Butler made for March 2019 StencilClub members. 
There's a technique or two you might not have thought of in the video too.

You can check out Ann's stencil reveal post here and you can sign up for StencilClub here.

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