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April Collaboration - Journals in Color!


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Hello!  Tina Walker here today and welcome to my latest StencilGirl® Collaboration Column post.  Like many of my collaborations, they take months to come to fruition and this one is no exception.  Last June, I asked 9 other amazingly talented art journalers to join me in a color and journal challenge like no other.

We partnered with the wonderful company, resketch who make and sell reclaimed paper products.  They graciously supplied us with various journals for creating and the end results will rock your world!

The idea behind the challenge was to complete an entire journal using only ONE color (+black and white).  The rainbow is full of colors, but it is really just a combination of many. ♥

Although we could use various shades and tones of that ONE color, it should be obvious what the ONE color is.  It really challenged the team to creatively think of ways to incorporate their color throughout their entire book. 

The journals were of various sizes, from small 3.5 x 5 inch, to large 7x9 inch.  We did have a few ambitious souls who took on the big one!

I asked each artist to send me a few of their favorite spreads, but I've selected a few of my favorites below.  Please be sure to visit each of these wonderful journal artists for a in depth peek at their colorful journals.  I also asked each artists why they chose the color they does color inspire you?

Michelle chose BLUE
"My color is blue and I chose it because while I like blue it is not a color I typically pick when creating.  I wanted to challenge myself not only to complete an entire journal (that was a tough one for me) but to use this beautiful and diverse color in something I created.  For me, blue signifies openness, it is vast like the sky and the ocean and in my journal I opened up to create with only ONE color. It taught me that there are so many choices EVEN with limitations."

Stencil(s) Used:
Vintage Typewriter Numbers

Marsha chose ULTRAMARINE:
"The first reason was that my Resketch journal had a couple of coloured pages and I needed a colour that mixed and matched well with pink and peach. The second reason was that I needed to choose a colour that I would still like mixed with black, white or titan buff. The hot pink of the paper made me think of ultramarine. I loved it, it felt good, so... it was the obvious choice for me"

Stencil(s) Used:
Diamonds and Triangles

Cynthia chose RED
"I chose red for this project because the medium value of pure red hue allows for a broader range of visible tints and shades when mixed with white and black. I also really like the pure color contrast of black white and red."

Stencil(s) Used:
Stencil Club July 2018
Stencil Club September 2018


Josefine chose ORANGE
"I had a hard time choosing a color. I love greens, blues, yellows, sometimes pink and orange. I went back and forth and at the end the decision was made based on the amount of paint tubes I had. I have a lot of different oranges."

Stencil(s) Used:

"I chose to work with Golden's Transparent Yellow Iron/red Oxide as my color.  My primary focus was experimenting with transparent and opaque neutrals, carbon/bone black and titanium/zinc white.  When handled properly, the transparent colors almost glow.  It was tricky for me to maintain depth in the layers at time, but for the most part I am pleased with the results. "

Stencil(s) Used:
Arched Aqueduct
Create Face
Laugh Face
Shadow Face

Jenny chose ORANGE.
" I picked orange only because I'd never really created anything with that color before, and was curious to see where it would lead. It turned out better than I thought it would, and orange might just be one of my favorites now!"

Stencil(s) Used:

Erin chose BLUE.
"I chose blue as my color. Blue is such a calming color. With all the chaos in my life right now, I felt that choosing this color would help guide me into my studio where I could fall into the relaxation of blue while creating my journal pages. "

Stencil(s) Used:


Amie chose RED
"I really like red, it's a very strong color. It evokes a lot of emotion, from passion to anger. It gets your blood pumping! I don't usually wear a lot of red but I do decorate with it...I have a red dining room!  Spiritually it signifies the Healing Power of God."

Stencil(s) Used:
Circles Circles
ATC Mixup Apter

Anna chose AUBERGINE
"I chose my favourite colour ever ever. I call it Aubergine. It's a blend of deep violet dark, black and quinacridone magenta."

Stencil(s) Used:
StencilClub June 2018

I chose GREEN
"I usually create in various shades and tones of teal and yellow (with a hint of red), so when challenged with just ONE color, why not combine my two favorite loves!"

Stencil(s) Used:
Heart Grid
Whimsical Waves

How was that for a rainbow of color, one color at a time!

We can't let you leave without saying THANK YOU for stopping by and for sharing in our color journal story.  And, as  a special Thank You, we also have a GIVEAWAY!

We are giving away a random selection of resketch journals AND a $25 StencilGirl® gift certificate to ONE LUCKY PERSON!

Make sure to comment below to let us know you've visited and let us know what color your journal would be.  Visit each artist(s) blog for more chances to win!  (comments due no later than April 28th midnight EST).

We will pick ONE winner on April 29th, 2019 so watch this space to see if you are a winner!

Thanks for stopping by!  Till we {collaborate} again!



  1. Wow, I love the idea behind choosing only one color to complete the journal, these would be so fun to browse through, I feel like you’d really get an understanding of the emotions of the day by seeing the intensity and shades used.... The resketch journals look pretty awesome as well. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Aksbarchitect1 (at) gmail (dot com)

  2. Fabulous gallery of journal spreads and love reading the reasons each artist gave for there colour choices . Great inspiration offered by all .
    I think if I was creating with 1 colour + B & W then my colour of choice would probably be influenced by internal and external factors/ moods / feelings / ideas etc at the time I first opened the journal to begin creating . I have a strong feeling though that it may be either blue or very possibly grey as I love working in monochrome . x

    pink66.a (at) gmail (

  3. My favorite color is purple, though one color for a journal, might be a challenge! Purple is calming to me, improves my mood, inspires me and signifies strength to me. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. These journal spreads are gorgeous! If I had to pick one color I think it would be blue. It is not a color I use very often but I was immediately drawn to that particular journal spread above. When I saw that one I immediately wanted to make a page with a similar color. I do agree that it’s calming and peaceful. It would be a great challenge. Thanks for sharing all this gorgeous artwork and the chance to win a giveaway
    marchris2175 (at) gmail (dot com)

  5. What a fun challenge. I love all of the creative ideas. Mine would be blue if you looked in my closet you would find at least 10 blue shirts and not much if any other v😆color😀. Thank you for the chance.

  6. Thanks to Tina, StencilGirl and Resketch for a fantastic collaboration!!! There is some AWESOME art captured in these journals!!

  7. Thank you for some great inspirational ideas. I love the that Anna Friesen used - aubergine. I will enjoy trying this colour!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm addicted to that colour. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to it. lol!

  8. Great collaborative project! I'm impressed by these artists' stick-to-it-tiveness in completing entire journals! I love the variety and creativity of the responses you got. And I'm so glad you linked to (nearly) all of the artists' blogs and videos showing more pages from these journals - very inspiring. Thank you!

  9. PS, my color choice would probably be a blue, though I hope I might opt to try something more novel (for me). My email is toneill26 (at) gmail (dot com).

  10. This is awesome! I think I would have to use a lot of variations of the color yellow. It's a happy color. :-) jill (dot) holmes (at) gapac (dot com).

  11. I'm sooo glad I found this place. I've been looking for a place with unique stencils. I'm home!!

  12. Aqua or blues. Love what everyone did with just one color! I immediately thought it would not work well, but these artists proved me wrong. janis (dot) graham (at) yahoo (dot com).

  13. Thank you for sharing this fabulous collection of artists and color challenges. I have so many stencils, this would be a fabulous way to show them off. I recently redid my watercolors and found green to be a predominant color so will have to try that. I tried an experiment recently in using watercolor ground, pencil in the stencil and then watercolor.....hmmmm. you have me thinking.

  14. What a fantastic collaboration I would pick either red or Teal as my color!

  15. I love the idea of using one color! My pick would be blue!

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  17. Everyone ‘s submission is spectacular! Loved each one for many different reasons & emotions invoked!
    I would pick green. skpoole1951(at)gmail(dot)com

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I really enjoyed the art and limited use of color. I would do mine in coral, reflecting sunsets. cathyc519 (at) gmail (dot com)

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  22. I love the idea of journals be made from reclaimed paper. The color I always come back to is magenta.

  23. What a great challenge to use just one color. My favorite color is purple and I think I would have to try using it in this way, really exploring all the shades of it.

  24. Oh, my journal would definitely be RED! It is my most favorite color and I use it a lot in my home, my clothing, my scrapbooking, my quilting, my papercrafting. Did I mention I love red? LOL Alice Joan @

  25. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the idea of the journals with different pages... and this challenge of using one color is genius. I think they all have done a great job with their creations. I really really want a resketch journal to play in... :D

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. I love the idea of one color for a journal page. Looking back over my journals my color would be orange. I would so like to have one of those journals.

    Logibbons(at)aol(dot com)

  28. I have a variety of small journals and have been looking for a way to use them. Thank you for sharing your wonderful collection. My stencils, paint, chalk and pens have a new purpose.

  29. The finished blog post here is AMAZING! I get tingles looking at all of our pages! Fabulous job, TINA!!! :-)

  30. so many fantastic stencils, colors and IDEAS! holy moley.. thank you for drawing me to these gifted creative women!
    I would definitely stick with my earthy plum.. but perhaps one dedicated to other colors...


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