Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Stencil Poetry... {Tell my Story by Kristin}

Tell my story.

ephemera. papers. fabric. bits.
gathered. collected. treasured.

mundane; but tracings of life.

stories. details. shared.

sewn together with care.
hoping that someday. treasured.

someone gathers. collects. my bits of storied life. 
xo. kristin

The base of my idea was to use the stencil to mark my fabric and use that as a cross-stitching pattern for the cover of an art journal of sorts. I really liked the idea of "tell your story" and how all of the pieces in this little art journal I have been given by other artists and friends. 

List of stencils used in this project:
I painted the wrong side of my stencil....

and then flipped the stencil over onto my fabric so that it would print correctly. This piece of fabric would now become my cover once I was happy with the hand stitching. 

Here is progress....  I love how the words turned out. I would sew while sitting watching tv (or listening as the case may be....).

Part of telling my story was to use some of the pieces of fabric I have been given at art classes and by friends. This helped add some details to my journal cover. 

I really liked the fabric bits but, I had added the alcohol inks on the leaves (which I wasn't too sure about). 

So I took a small leap of faith.... as I decided to age my journal that I had stitched together by adding instant coffee, rolling it up and cooking in a tea bath. (My favorite tea to use is pink-color based tea.)

Once it was done cooking, I unrolled it and set it aside to dry. And I love how it aged my journal (and removed the alcohol ink I was on the fence about......lol!)

When it came to the page of the art journal, I used school paper, stencils, and white paint. I like the neutrality of the papers with the white paint and how each turned out after the tea bath with their pieces of ephemera I had been given. 

Thank you!


  1. This looks great! I like the stitching. I need to find out how to do the dying. I like the aged look. It's kind of cool how the aging changed the green alcohol ink to a gray.

  2. Wow Kristin, this is beautiful. You were so brave to risk all that work in a bath if coffee and tea but it so paid off. It’s just absolutely lovely.


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