Saturday, April 20, 2019

Tile Maze, Blueprint, Alligator Bark - MB Makes Marks Stencils

They have arrived!

Shall we make you pick a fave even as your mind is awhirl with where you want to use each of these and with what paints and mediums?

Tradition or Break with it?

Vintage blueprints were the catalyst for Mary Beth Shaw's Blueprint Stencil complete with numbers and hand-scribed marks. Use it to define a section in your art journal or engineer an artwork on canvas. You know, it does not need to be stenciled in traditional blueprint colors :)

Blueprint 6x6 S690

Which way will you go?

Ceramic tiles were the impetus for Mary Beth Shaw's Tile Maze Stencil. Little details, like the center cross and 4 flowers, within the graphic maze intensify this 6"x6" stencil. 

Tile Maze 6x6 S691

MB made marks and we gave it a name, but...

What do you think? Does it look like alligator bark to you? Turned clockwise it might be an adobe city viewed from above. Is your mind inclined to see something or do you just love it as an abstract?

Alligator Bark 9x12 L720

Mary Beth Shaw's Alligator Bark Stencil was inspired by nature's rough surfaces. Use it with the organic lines flowing outward from the corner, strategically place words in the open areas, use the whole stencil as a background or just parts to add texture and mystery. Just imagine this random, hand-drawn pattern with texture paste.

Those little dots sure are interesting. Whatcha gonna make?

You can find all of Mary Beth's stencils here.

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