Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Create ART Everyday Canvas with StencilGirl® Stencils by Ann Butler

I try to Create Art Every Day, at least for a few minutes, if I don’t have hours to spend.  I think being able to create is a great way to relax.  Thus, this canvas is a reminder that I will hang in my studio. 

Stencils are the perfect product to use when creating layers on projects.  They are easy to move around and can be used to fill in both large and small spaces.  For this project, I wanted to build layers to create depth for a great background and I like the results.

Step by Step Technique Instructions:

StencilGirl® Stencils used:
Flourish Alphabet Uppercase by Ann Butler
Assorted Circles Set 1 by Ann Butler
Squares and Tris Set 1 by Ann Butler
Rectangles Mini Printmaking Set 1 by Ann Butler
Squares Mini Printmaking Set 1 by Ann Butler
Circles Mini Printmaking Set 1 by Ann Butler
Basket Weave 49 by Ann Butler

Other Supplies:
Ann Butler’s Crafter’s Ink: Blueberry, Tangelo, Lilac, Limelight, Canyon, Berry, Sand
Colorbox Archival Ink, Wicked Black
Canvas board, 9” x 12”
Paint, Yellow
Tissue paper, white
Tissue paper, patterned
Old Book paper
Stamps: butterfly, sentiment
Gel Medium
Baby wipes
Craft sheet
Heat gun
Daubers, sponges or stencil brushes

Gather all your supplies together.
Step 1:
Apply paint to canvas, let dry.
Step 2:
Apply a light layer of gel medium to the canvas.

Step 3:
Crumple up a sheet of tissue paper, open it up and lay it on top of the canvas.

Then, apply another layer of gel medium over the tissue paper.  Let dry.

Step 4:
Tear the tissue paper off the canvas to reveal a distress look to the canvas.

Step 5:
Using stencils of choice, start layers patterns onto the canvas with Crafter’s Ink.  This ink remains wet for a while, so that you are able to blend the colors if desired.  You can also easily remove the ink with a baby wipe, if you do not like where you placed a pattern…play with it and continue until you’re happy with the results.  Heat set as needed.

Step 6:
Apply patterned tissue paper to canvas with gel medium, as desired.  Let dry.
Step 7:
Apply a light layer of gesso over entire canvas, wipe with baby wipe as desired.  Let dry.

Step 8:
Using the Archival ink and Flourish Alphabet stencil “Create” down the left side of the canvas.  Stencil the word “ART” out from the “a” in “Create”, the word “Every” out from the last “e” in “Create” and the word “Day” up from the “y” in “Every.”

Step 9:
Ink up the edges and corners of canvas with Archival ink, as desired.

Step 10:
Stamp a sentiment and some butterflies onto the book paper and place onto the upper right side of the canvas with gel medium, if desired.

 Ann Butler’s Blog:

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