Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Art by our Voices ~ Aboriginal-inspired Stencils by June for June StencilClub!

Faint backgrounds to bold statements. Elegantly austere to heartfelt intent. I'm Carol Baxter and that is what I see when I look at these stencils and art projects.

Our wonderful StencilClub Voices, Carol Burger, Jessica Hitt Bullock, and Debbie Fabbri, prove that the Aboriginal Collection by June Pfaff Daley will inspire you to create new artwork!

Carol Burger's Tag, Bag, and Keepsake Box 

Debbie Fabbri's Collage Pages

Debbie likes being able to see the patterns of these stencils in her collaged journal pages.

Jessica Bullock's Bible Journal and Junque Journal

Jessica is Bible Journaling in her ESV Interleaved Journaling Bible using June’s ABORIGINAL stencil and acrylic ink.

"I created a cover for a new junk journal using an old book cover covered in white gesso and stenciled with June’s monthly stencil in acrylic paint," Jessica says. "I then collaged and added bits of ephemera." 

Carol Baxter's Cards

I wanted to stick with a neutral, earthy palette for these cards. The small stencil has so many interesting design details. I believe it will fast become one of my go-to stencils. I thought I was going to make an offset sun as the focal but it evolved into an eye. And, I do like that mini's boxes!

Thanks again to our marvelous StencilClub Voices for May and June: Jessica, Carol, and Debbie!

Need these 3 exclusive Aboriginal-inspired Stencils sent to your mailbox? Watch her Reveal video or sign up for StencilClub HERE by June 15, 2019.

Like June Pfaff Daley's stencil aesthetic? See more of her designs via this link.


  1. These pieces are amazing! I am so excited to get these stencils! - Beth Broadway

  2. As Mary Beth Shaw says all the time... LoveLoveLove!!!!


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