Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Wait until you see what our StencilClub Voices made with the Rex Ray-esque set!

Gracious! Carol Baxter here introducing our Voices projects for July.

What won't you make with Rex Ray-esque, the July 2019 StencilClub set designed exclusively for members by Valerie Sjodin?!

Melissa Ohlman-Roberge and Denny Nkemontoh will blow you away with the depth of their projects and certainly inspire you to create with stencils. They did me. 

Melissa's Soulful Art Journal Page

Melissa writes:

"The segmented nature of the July stencils were perfect for me as I’m coming off a very busy school/work year into an equally busy summer. I’m not always successful at juggling all the pieces, as the quote from Johnny Weir suggests, but I love what I do and I love the challenge of utilizing a variety of toolkits!"

Materials: Golden acrylics, Tombow white watercolor pencil, liquid graphite crayon, Gellipress plate, beach reeds and glycine wrapper from an old album.

Denny's Lavender Tent Trim Flags

Denny writes:

"My art workshop is on a lavender farm and every July we have a big festival (10,000 plus attendees).  I have a new tent this year and wanted to jazz it up with some festive flags in the colors of the event.  Valerie’s stencils were just the ticket."

"I took an old vinyl table covering and painted it purple.  Then, using the stencils, added purples, gold, greens, cream and, finally, an interference violet.  I sprayed it with 2X semi-gloss."

"I cut it into triangles 8 inches wide by 8 inches tall, sewed all the triangles together with a unifying trim and hung it on my tent."

Carol's TV Art Journal

Hey there! Hi! It's Carol. 

I wish I could art journal like Melissa. Adore the page she made. I want to grab a vinyl table cloth and try making Denny's flags to go on my RB awning.

My brain always wants to make patterns into something sensible whether it is abstract stucco, tree bark, or stencils. Part of the 6" x 6" Rex Ray-esque stencil screamed TV to me, and my brain immediately went to: TV dinners, getting up to change the channel, rabbit ears, World Beyond and monster movies, an ad ditty for Enjoli perfume I can't get out of my head to this day, Laz-y Boy recliners, my Popa determining how much of the "boob tube" I was allowed to watch, and of course, what I should be doing instead of watching TV (music, writing, going outside). 

I would not have thought to make this without the July club set Valerie Sjodin designed! Other stencils used: ATCMixup Evans, ATC Mixup 1 and 2 Shaw, Stencil Club sets 10/17, 5/16, Pi, Arabesque, Warped Holes 6, Music Geek, and Typewriter stencils, a pic of my toes, acrylics, printed vintage ads, washi tape, permanent markers, gel pens, book paper, glue, leftover mat cutting from the thrift store, and photo box tab dividers.

I have yet to figure out how I want to bind this (probably with a couple simple rings), but I am excited to share the pages with you!

Want to see what Valerie had to say about her set? Watch her video.

Rex Ray-esque ships to StencilClub Members on 7-15-19. If you need it you can find out more and sign up now.


  1. The world is not ready for a pick of my toes...LOL! Love your journaling, Carol!

  2. I love them all live stream from MB was inspiting. I especially love the tv’s in the journal. Oh and I love Rex. In fact an the club set by MB is
    One of my most used

  3. These are just amazing! Ladies, thank you for sharing your talents.


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