Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Voices take an art vacation with StencilClub's Irish Travelers

Just look what our Voices, Gwen Loveless and Deb Schlouch created with the Irish Travelers Tina Walker designed exclusively for StencilClub members!

Join our art community.

Deb Schlouch's Wise Ones

“What a challenge, I can hear your voices pushing & prodding, but what do I do? ‘Just open your heart,’ the Wise Ones say.  

This piece came together only when I stopped trying so hard and finally listened to the Wise Ones!” Mahalo, Deb

Gwen Loveless' Paintings Three

Gwen used water-soluble crayons, acrylics, and glazes to make her paintings and papers.

Carol Baxter's Cautionary Art Journal Spread

The tune-track playing in my head began "Magdalene Laundries" by Joni Mitchell the moment I saw Tina Walker's StencilClub set.

I had a previously painted background spread and I wanted to see if I could make these stencils "work" on it. I used black paint for the women but they did not stand out so I added a layer of White Fire by PaperArtsy. The face of the middle one is my fave. I will be stenciling her again and again.

We'd love to have you "traveling" in the best art community around! StencilClub!

Curious about Tina Walker's other stencils? Check them out here.


  1. Beautiful creations with the fabulous set of Tina!

  2. Wow, these are spectacular! Such amazing stencils, the likes of which cannot be found anywhere but StencilGirl. Great job, Tina, on these monumental designs! Then the creativity of those using them is simply WOW!

  3. Intriguing work by all of you. I particularly like the intricacy of Deb Schlouch's piece - the colors, combination of grungy and formal, intricate drawings - quite wonderful!


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