Monday, October 28, 2019

October StencilGirl® Collaboration - 1 Stencil, 3 Ways

Hello and Welcome to my October 2019 Collaboration Column Post - 1 Stencil, 3 Ways!

I'm Tina Walker and I'm your host for today!  ♥

Collaborations are a constant driving force in my daily creative journey.  If I had unlimited time and resources, I bet I would be hosting multiple ones each day.  There is something about collaborating with like minded souls that fills my creative soul with energy and inspiration.  It keeps me going!

Today's collaboration is more like a challenge.
The collaboration is simple -create three (3) projects using the same stencil on all 3 projects.  The first project is an art journal page, the second project is a home decor project, and the third project is of their choosing. Our brave stencil souls jumped at the challenge, so let's see what they created!


Cathy used the Tribal Hand 6 Stencil.

Besides her art journal page, her home decor piece is a Hand Fan and her 3rd project is a trio of ATC cards.

How cool is that Hand Fan??

Deb used the Cathedral Arch Stencil.

Besides her art journal page, her home decor piece is a 4 panel, Pop Art inspired wall canvas and her 3rd project is a cover to a journal.

I love the idea of the 4 panel wall canvas!

Laura used the Rose Window Stencil.

Besides her art journal page, her home decor piece is a embellished wall canvas and her 3rd project is a book of gelli prints.

I love how she's incorporating photos from a recent trip in her journal!

Linda used the June 2019 StencilClub Stencil.

Besides her art journal page, her home decor piece is a motivational wall hanging and her 3rd project is an art doll.

You had me at art doll! ♥


Sanna used the Tiny Medallion Stencil.

Besides her art journal page, her home decor piece is a colorful wall canvas and her 3rd project is a multitude of ATC cards.

I am in ATC heaven!  Gorgeous!

Tracy used the August 2018 StencilClub Stencil.
Besides her art journal page, her home decor piece is a soft stenciled pillow and her 3rd project is a bracelet.

Jewelry with stencils?  Yes you can!

Although each artist made creating multiple and diverse projects with only 1 stencil, it is actually quite challenging.  Stencil selection is very important!

When choosing my stencil, I wanted a stencil with varying patterns that could be used in various ways, depending on the substrate.

I ultimately selected one of my Ireland inspired stencils: Goal Stairs.

I love the different shapes and sizes in the stencils and thought it would work well with all three of my projects.

First up - my art journal spread.  I love the steps on this stencil and love using them for journaling.

I used it repeatedly throughout the page, as background elements and in the forefront.  Sometimes, just the shape of the stencil inspires me and the details disappear.  But that is the beauty of using stencils! 

For my home decor piece, I used the stencil with clay to create a mug.  I am currently taking pottery classes and am obsessed with all things clay.  Stencils work great with clay and can create a deep or subtle impression.  Your choice.

Same stencil, but looks completely different!

For my last (free) project, I wanted to see how this stencil translated to a dimension project.  I hadn't made an art doll for awhile, so now was the perfect time.  The stencil was used to create texture on the doll skirt and body.   Again, I am amazed how different the stencil pattern looks when only a portion is visible. You can really selectively pick just a portion of a stencil for a piece. 

I had so much fun with this collaboration challenge.  :)  I challenge each of you to pick just 1 of your StencilGirl® stencils and create away!  You will really develop a close relationship with that stencil and see all of the possibilities.

Until next time!



  1. Using one stencil for three completely different projects is a challenge! I am in awe of that ceramic mug, I love the way the design really plays with the circular vessel. The art doll is crazy awesome and your journal pages are always a treat! Beautiful work. Looking forward to checking out the other artists work as well!

  2. What a fun challenge! And your artist group did amazing things with it. I especially like the ways you used the stairs stencil.

  3. Wonderful projects from everyone, off to take a closer look and thanks so much for including me! Deb xo

  4. gorgeous Projects by everyone & so much Inspiration!! thanks for having me :)


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