Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Color Palettes & Christmas Cards

Hello! Carol B here. I have something to tell you. I am having a love affair.

Don't worry. My extremely understanding, patient hubby knows. No way to miss what is staring him in the face when he walks through the door and sees... 

all manner of colors of paint spread over the kitchen counter as I am in the midst of making sets of 4 cards each to send and give.

Red Glitz Glitter Gel from Thermo Web
Green Paint
Brown pen

Background: Music Staff Stencil by Valerie Sjodin (Gold Paint)
Budding Branches Stencil by Cecilia Swatton
Green, red, and white paint
Black pen

Whimsical, a bit time consuming, but now you know where gnomes come from!

This set of cards is a gift:
Green Glitz Glitter Gel

More cards:

Stencil used: mini from the July 2015 StencilClub Set by Mary C. Nasser

Stencil used: Hot Air Balloon Stencil and Mask by Cecilia Swatton

Mini stencils used from Sept. 2019 and August 2017 StencilClub sets be Tina Walker & Mary C. Nasser.

Green on green or matching red with green or blue with green makes sense and is seen all the time. But how do you pick 3 or 5 to use in your art? Mary Beth Shaw's online Golden class to the rescue. You'll look at color in new ways, especially when it comes to mixing paint to get a specific result.

Do you oooh and ah over and collect color palettes? We strive to feed that need each Monday in our Scoop Newsletter. Here is an example:

Fun facts about color:
  • The human eye can see around 7 million colors. 
  • Octopuses change colors while they are sleeping.
  • Fire hydrants are color-coded: how much water, the source, and at what pressure it is available.
  • Research submarines are yellow because yellow is still viable at enormous depths.
  • Violet is a spectral color with its own wavelength on the visible spectrum of light, while "purple" is a combo of blue and red.
  • StencilGirl® stencils love it when you use them to add color to your world!


  1. Fun variety of cards - I'll bet your recipients will be delighted!

  2. What a delightful array of ideas! And I especially enjoyed reading those color facts! 7 million colors!!!! It makes a person feel good, just knowing this! :-) Also, thanks for including two of my stencils, Budding Branches Stencil and Hot Air Balloons -- what's so special about this is that I never dreamed of using them in Christmas cards! But it's fantastic to see artists thinking outside the box this way!


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