Monday, January 13, 2020

Made By Janet - January 2020

Hi Stencil Friends!
Happy New Year!
Janet here, to share my art with you.
I'm pretty sure lots of you out there pick a meaningful word to focus your year on.
....One Little Word.... 
.....Word of the Year.....
My 2020 word is Breathe.
Here I played with smooshing and layering Marabu Art Crayons 
with my fingers to create an interesting background. 

That's what I need to focus on this year. 
Just Breathe.

On a side note~ I've been using Marabu Art Crayons awhile
 but this is the first time I've tried the blender.
I thought it was pretty cool how it worked.
There's so much more to learn!

In My Planner

More Marabu Crayon blending along with these stencils:

 My 2020 Wanderlust Journal

I finished this Wanderlust Journal in December
and then decided it was too small and started compiling a larger journal.

I used the 6x6 November 2019 StencilClub Kit stencil 
with a matte gel for some nice depth. 
I smooshed the Marabu Crayons around and let them dry completely
before I sprayed it with a matte clear protective finish.
 I did this Journal cover in a very different color palette so
 I could actually find it at a glance on my art table!

The first week's lesson for Wanderlust 2020 using Curlicue Wide Borders

Other Journals and Pages

I used the Marabu Art Crayons really heavy-handed here 
through the 4x4" stencil in the March 2015 StencilClub Kit.  
If you took your fingernail down the surface you could scrape the pigment right off.
You might think I used a dimensional gel or modeling paste... but no.
It took extra long to become set and then
 I sprayed a matte clear protective finish on it.

It is so nice and smooth and there is no chance of scraping the pigment off.

December 2019 StencilClub Kit and Texture Paste


The stencils I have translated into handcarved stamps are:

And why didn't I make my Word Of The Year into a stamp?
Heading over to correct that right now!

Thanks for visiting with me this month.
I hope your 2020 is healthy and happy.
See you next time. 


  1. Loving ALL of this eye candy! <3

  2. using the stencils to cut rubber stamps is a great idea. I will have to try on some of mine. Great job


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