Monday, January 27, 2020

The StencilGirl® Pop-Up Extravaganza!

Hello Hello and Welcome to a new Decade, a New Year, and a new StencilGirl Collaboration!

Tina Walker here today to share my latest collaboration and challenge.  This collaboration was more like a challenge since this type of project was entirely new to me and to post of the collab participants.  I tasked the team to create POP-UP projects highlighting StencilGirl® stencils in fun and unique ways. Having never made a pop-up book or pop-up card or pop-up anything, I wasn't sure where to start, so I watched a couple of YouTube videos and bought a book on Pop-Up basics.  Once I understood the basics of pop-up mechanics and how small adjustments to your cuts could affect how the pop-up worked, I  felt confident on beginning my project.

But before I share my pop-up project, let's take a peek at what the other participants created.

Cathy Frailey
I am sharing only a small peek at her incredible pop-up book, so be sure and check out her blog for the entire reveal and to see how she used stencils on each of her pop-up pages.

I am in awe of the wonderful texture and fun her pages represent.  I especially love the pop up elements.  ♥  Bravo!!

Although she used multiple stencils in her book, the list includes:
Kunst Puppen
ATC Mixup Carriker
Create Face
Phantom of the Opera Mask
Mixed Media Mail
Words to Live By
Diamond Dot

Theresa Gonzales
Wait till you see this amazing dimensional page.  I love how she made the building and trees come to life.  Her pop up is part of a book she made for her Grandchildren about a world everyone builds yellow house until someone builds a purple one.

The stencils Theresa used on this page and others include:
StencilClub Jan 2019
StencilClub Dec 2018
Square Celtic Knots
Sacred Feminine

Sarah Donawerth
Sarah created the most adorable Under The Sea/Mermaid Pop Up book you'll ever see.  The play on shapes makes her book a memorable one.

The stencil show here is:
Art Deco Paris

Christy Strickler
Stop!  You will want to check out this next project. Christy created an art doll with a pop-up book hidden inside!  Genius!

This is seriously so cool!

Stencils used on her project include:
StencilClub September 2019
StencilClub August 2019
Boho Star Circle
Boho Striped Circle

Susan Brown
Susan is feeling the city vibe with her Pop Up!  I love how the cityscape comes alive and the versatility of stencils shines through!

Stencils used in Susan's project include:
Text and Texture Transform
ATC Mixup Borloz

Anne Marie Fowler
I am digging the vintagey feel to Anne Marie's pop up pages.  How she used the stencils to create her pop-up elements is brilliant!  I may have to borrow this idea for a future project!♥

The stencils that Anne Marie used in the above pages include:
StencilClub June 2018
Bird in the Window
Sacred Feminine Winged Figure
Floral Waterfall
Dancing of the Courting Cranes
Asian Characters Impressions

I love how each person interpreted the challenge!  I know I've said this a hundred times, but give 100 people the same challenge, and you'll have 100 different and unique projects.

Now to my project!  :)

Because I had been experimenting with how to make pop-up pages and I loved the design of each experiment, I combined them into ONE Pop-Up Book!

I have to admit --- I was shocked on how much fun each page was to create and how focusing on the pop-up element of each page, I could really use my stencils in a way that highlighted the coolness factor of creating with stencils.  They are honestly an art tool/supply you cannot go without.

My supply list was very short: xacto-knife, ruler, spray mist, acrylic paint, and stencils!

As I painted each page, I kept folding the page up and popping it out to see how the page changed its visual appearance.   It was fun (and sometimes challenging) to stencil appropriately, keeping the pop-up in mind.  In order to achieve the desired effect o each page, I masked off areas so the stenciled image was kept where it was intended.

I made a short video so you can see my pop-up book up close and personal.  Pictures really don't show the amazing dimension and 3D effect.


I used the following stencils:
Blue pages - StencilClub June 2019, Faces in the Crowd, StencilClub August 2019
Red pages - Stone Face, StencilClub July 2019
Purple pages - Its a Small World, StencilClub September 2019, Pickleweed Mini,
Green pages - StencilClub January 2019Stone Statue Small, Rembrants Words
Cover - Flourish Alphabet, StencilClub November 2019

If you are looking far a new type of project, i would recommend experimenting with stencils and pop-ups!  It's alot of fun!

Thank you for stopping by.  Till next time!



  1. Everyone did a fantastic job! I had alot of fun! 💖

  2. What a fun challenge, and amazing results! Each person used the pop-up feature in a different way, producing unique effects. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Ok - now I am hooked on PopUps. Must try these techniques. Thanks for all the inspiration


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