Wednesday, March 11, 2020

NEW designer alert! Angela Treat Lyon and Her Happy Monsters

Get ready to play, play, play in your journal, on greeting cards, and even a hat with these enchanting stencils by StencilGirl's newest designer, Angela Treat Lyon. Her new designs are perfect for allowing your inner child to escape!


Here is Angela to tell you about the origin of her Monster stencils:

In general, I'm always fascinated when I see articles about prehistoric findings - and especially when they have found hitherto undiscovered species!

My brain starts to kick up and think to itself, "Self? What if they found some really weird monsters? How would they look? What would they have been like? What would they have eaten? What would they have done?"

And of course, they have to be happy Monsters, because they all come from in or near the Happy-to-Be-Me Forest in the Land of Ammaze.

Biddley loves to jump. If she doesn't get to jump at least 101 times a day she pouts and won't talk to me for a week. You can't see it, but her eye makeup is all reds and blues. Her pouts don't last long, especially if I give her Chocolate Monster Cookies.

Layered with ATC Mixup Daley stencil, ink pad, pen, and fine tip accent paint.

Bumpley makes his bumps ripple. He can make it so there are only a few, or as many as 97 bumps on his back and under his belly. They help him digest his food. Which makes sense, because he only eats opals, and they tend to be sharp and hurty if he's not careful to chew them well.

Used: Ink pad, pen, and fine tip accent paint.

Bahhh is a Leaf-Sheep who came down from the top of the Ornery Onhigh Mountains north of Ughganistan. Her family said she had to Go Out in the World to See what she could See before she could come back. Right after she left, there was a huge earthquake, and the whole region got destroyed by an avalanche, so she is the only one left of her kind. She hopes you will use her a lot so she can be reproduced everywhere. She loves pastelly colors because they remind her of her family.

Happy Bear Stencil
When my granddaughter was just born, I found a wonderful soft teddy bear for her and sent it on. I loved that bear so much I bought another one - for me! I still have it, 12 years later. I let the itty bitty kids who come visit play with him. I lived in Hawaii for many years and had a birdie bath right outside my window. One day a little Finch flew right in my open window and landed on Bear's arm. I was afraid she might poop on him, but all she did was sit there for a minute, looking around, casing the joint, I guess. She was like a Happy Light for my day. I loved my birdies, and still love my Bear!

glitter paste on acrylic

Layered with Pi Stencil by Cat Kerr.

Rider Stencil
Have you ever been down in the dumps for a long, long time, and then suddenly something happened in your life that pulled you out in a split second, and it seemed like the sun was shining right out of your belly and that All Things Are Good at last? That's what getting my horse did for me a long time ago. She was a rescue, with horrific mange on her back, terrible teeth, and such sad eyes. I took one look at her and knew my life was better - saving her was one of the best things I ever did, and she brought joy to me each and every day I was with her or rode her until she left us, in peace at last, at the ripe old age of 19.

Three Swamp Monsters all live together in the Swamp of Nodenial. They lie in wait for people who are in denial so they can snag them and wake them up to how fabulous the world really is. They love bright, garish colors, which stream through their body decorations like swirly tattoos. They eat mostly clams and seaweed and laugh themselves inside out when people run away from them, afraid they will be eaten.

simple acrylic & pen stationary

simple acrylic & pen stationary

Go ahead. We dare you to invite Monsters into your art!
See them all HERE.

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