Friday, March 27, 2020

Sidewalks of Puerto Rico ~ 6 New Stencils by Mary Beth!

When asphalt is cracked we lament that road repairs are needed.

But, being an artist means taking the time to look at the world through all your eyes and seeing possibilities.

When Mary Beth and John took a walk down the color abundant streets of Puerto Rico a few months ago, it was the interesting, beautiful cracks in the pathways under their feet that triggered Mary Beth's imagination.

Use paint or texture mediums depending on the depth you want in your art and collage papers with these stencils.

The sidewalk cracks depicted in these stencils will leave people wondering how you painted the intricate, organic, almost lacy designs.

Mary Beth made the samples this way and you can too:
  1. Prepare Distress Oxide Background on Mixed Media paper, allow to dry.
  2. Using a palette knife, spread Distress Texture Paste over top the stencil. Remove stencil and clean paste off it right away.
  3. While Texture Paste is still wet, sprinkle Distress Embossing Glaze over top and gently tap so it is distributed.
  4. While Paste is still wet, emboss.
Here is a more detailed look at the Sidewalks of PuertoRico Stencils and art samples:

Make these Sidewalks of Puerto Rico Stencils your own.

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