Monday, April 27, 2020

Rainy Days StencilGirl® Collaboration

Hello Hello and Hello!  Tina Walker here today with a new Collaboration & Challenge.
Hosting on-line collaborations and challenges are always a highlight of my days, but especially during this period of social-distancing and social-isolation.  I think remaining socially connected with family and friends can help us get through this unprecedented time together. And it's a prefect way to spend some quality time getting creative.

When thinking of new collaborations and challenges, I try to envision fun, unique, and interesting ways to use stencils.  This challenge is definitely no exception.  Think rainy, Spring days combined with bright and cheerful Springtime colors and you have Stencilfied Umbrellas!  Yes, we are stenciling umbrellas!

To be honest,  I think this collaboration scared off the typical creative.  Stenciling on such a 3-D, round, and dimensional surface can be challenging, but there were a few brave souls who took it on with energy and excitement.

Let's see what they created.....

First of all - WOWSERS!!! Look at this beautiful, vintage inspired umbrella.  Gorgeous and well done!  So much detail.

Stencils Used:

Talk about all of the colors of the rainbow!  Just looking at this makes my heart full of joy and happiness!  It's amazing what color and a simple stenciled design can do to brighten rainy days.

Stencils Used:

Michele's 'Brella' (as she calls it) reminds me of those beautiful Spring days when flowers blossom and the air is full of rebirth and life.  Just picture strolling along a babbling stream, looking at the trees in blossom.

Stencils Used:
Cross Stitch Plus Times 
Layers of Scallops

I can't believe this is stenciled.  The intricate details and perfection of the stenciling is amazing.  If you star at it enough, it almost becomes an optical illusion.

Stencils Used:
Star Struck

Susan's umbrella full of subtle shades of color and pattern reminds me of those cold rainy Spring days. Be sure to hop on over to her blog to see her 'modeling' her umbrella and fabulous it would look walking down the sidewalk.

Stencils Used:
Mimosa 6

You will need to STOP scrolling and check out this umbrella.  The amount of stenciling, detail, and over all design is mind blowing.   I especially love how she is displaying her umbrella and making it part of her home decor.

Stencils Used:

And lastly, my umbrella.  I opted for a small, paper parasol type of umbrella,  It was much more manageable for stenciling and I love how it turned out.  I added bits of gold dresden trim to kick it up a notch and make it display worthy.  How cool would this look with multiple mini umbrellas displayed hung from the ceiling?  Perhaps this will be a new studio decor idea?

Stencils Used:

Although this collaboration really pushed me out of my comfort zone, I am pleased with what I've created.  It is the most dimensional, 3-D object I've ever stenciled.

Inspired by what the collaboration artists made?  Why not make your own? I'd love to see your interpretation of the challenge and how you transform this common household item.  Please be sure to tag me if you share on social media.

Also, don't forget to visit each artist blog (click their name to be transported to their post) for more close-ups and details on their creations.  ♥♥♥

Until next time, stay safe and healthy.



  1. Your challenge may have scared away some artists, but the ones who showed up really did a fantastic job. Truly inspired (and inspiring!)and beautiful umbrellas here!

  2. shea mester
    what a joy to see these..such artistry

  3. Wow! What a fun collaboration. Everyone did an amazing job. Your umbrella is so pretty with all the colors and stenciling. I really enjoyed seeing everyone's umbrellas.

  4. Beautiful! As a pluviophile I sure am a very big brolly, lover, beautifulones - are they for sale?

  5. Wonderful to see what everyone made! You always have such outside the box, clever ideas. Well done!

  6. They are beautiful !! Where did you get the paper parasols? I would love to try that. it looks scary but... Thank you for sharing.


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