Thursday, June 18, 2020

Recycled CD Sea Stenciled Wind Chimes

There is no doubt I love the sea. I've designed an ocean-themed stencil collection to prove it! With everything going on right now, I'm not sure a beach vacation is in my immediate future so I designed a project to bring the ocean home. These wind chimes are made with recycled CDs and make a gentle, soothing sound when the wind blows. The combination of sea stencils, color and the glistening CD surface make for a shimmering look that reflects the sparkling ocean water and all the creatures that live underneath.

Here's what you'll need to get started:

-a variety of indoor/outdoor satin spray paint
(I used white, light blue and a medium blue)

-13 recycled CDS preferably with no writing

-fishing line



-a branch, stick or dowel approx. 18"

-E6000 adhesive

- scissors

-painter or masking tape

1) Cover your workspace with a tarp or newspaper. Spray painting is best done outside or in a well-ventilated space. Place a stencil on top of a CD and spray lightly. Cover the entire 13 CDs with various designs, but be sure that some of the original CD surface is still visible. Let the front of the cds dry and then spray paint the backs.

Use the following sea-inspired stencils:
Coral Reef
Mysterious Octopus
Coral Fan
Majestic Sea Turtles
Sea Urchin
Sand Dollars

tip: repeat patterns with multiple sprays as seen with the shell to the right.

2) After the cds are completely dry cut them into four equal pieces by cutting in half and then cutting in half again.

3) On a large piece of cardboard or several sheets of paper, lay out your design. Your design will consist of 10 rows. The top 5 rows will have 6 pieces while the bottom five rows will have four pieces. Arrange in lines with approximately 1/2" between pieces. (See photo below.) Feel free to mix colors however you would like. I opted for an ombre pattern going from dark to light.

4) After your design is laid out, tape a piece of fishing line down at the top of each row leaving extra at the top to eventually tie on to the branch. You will want this line to come down the center of each piece. Keep the line taut and tape at the bottom of each row.

5) Apply a dot of E6000 to the top and bottom of the line on each piece. Let this dry for 2 hours.

6) After the row is dry on the first side, turn each row over. You will then repeat step 4-5 so that you have a fishing line on both the fronts and backs of the pieces. The line should align with the previous piece of fishing line. Be sure to keep the lines taut. Again apply a dot of E6000 to the top and bottom of each CD piece. Let the adhesive on this side dry for two hours.

7) With the glue dry, tie a knot in the bottom of each row and trim the excess fishing line.

8) Assemble the entire piece. Tie the rows of CD pieces to the stick or dowel. The rows should be evenly spaced approximately 1-1/2" apart. Tie the twine to the stick for a hanger. Use E6000 to seal each knot. Also dot E6000 on each fishing line and the twine on the stick to keep it in place so the lines do not slide. Let dry for two hours.

9) Hang your recycled CD Sea Stenciled Wind Chimes and enjoy!

*Feel free to share your projects. I'd love to see what you create. Happy Summer!


  1. Fabulous project! I have to try this!

  2. Great project! What do you use to cut the cds?

    1. Hi Karen, Thank you! I just cut them with regular paper scissors.

  3. LOVE this project! Thanks for sharing a lovely way to recycle old CDs!

    1. Thanks Terry...My pleasure! I had so many that I knew I would never use again unless I figured out a fun way to repurpose. I may make another!

  4. This is very pretty. What a great way to recycle.

  5. Beautiful! I bet the cds make an ocean sound in the wind too!


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