Thursday, August 27, 2020

Art Journaling with StencilGirl® Stencils

Hello everyone out there in StencilGirl® land!
 here to talk about the ways I use my stencils that I design for StencilGirl®
StencilGirl® Artistic Muse Card #1

I've been working on a Moon Journal for the past year which basically is an illustrated version of the "charting" that I do for the 2 moon phases that I focus on. (Full and New MoonStudying the moon is about understanding the various Moon phases, how she relates to the zodiac signs and, above all, how we can harness the lunar energies for our own personal betterment and self-empowerment.  A lot of my stencils that I created were designed around this concept to be used for symbolic art journaling. I have a Moon journal that I keep which you can check out on Instagram if you like. Here are just a few of my Moon journal pages and some of my favorite stencils that I reach for repeatedly.

 A lighted candle might symbolize enlightenment, or a search for truth

One of my favorite symbols is this candle. You can use it in a variety of ways, from random journaling creating in the glow of the flames, to color symbolism with studies on how color affects us, or use it simply with Spiritual prayers.

And of course, most of us associate candles with birthdays and making wishes!

Some believe that the tradition of birthday candles began in Ancient Greece, when people brought cakes adorned with lit candles to the temple of Artemis, goddess of the hunt. The candles were lit to make them glow like the moon, a popular symbol associated with Artemis. 

StencilGirl® Artistic Muse Card #2

Write it down!

Personal journals helped capture the struggles and horrors of history. The Great Plague of London was documented by Daniel Defoe, drawing on his own childhood memories, his uncle’s journal, and extensive research. And generations have learned of the horrors of World War ll through the experiences of Anne Frank. 

Some of my Artist inspired Tarot stencils helped me journal through the worst of the 
Covid-19 isolation. 

StencilGirl® Artistic Muse Card #1
Almost all of my stencils are created in an illustrative style but they will give you lots of options for applying the written word and a way to add symbolism to your art. 

-----------------------------------------------------------'s just a phase.


  1. Such interesting journaling! love how you do this1

  2. Your moon journal pages are so wonderful Sandee! I love that FEEL HEAL & DEAL THROUGH ART! HUGS! YOU ARE LOVED!

  3. Sandee, this is beautiful! What a great idea. I love your moon journal 🌜🌚🌛

  4. I love journaling. the highs, the lows, my daily gratitudes. your art is ALWAYS beautiful and ethereal, as are you!!! thanks for sharing your innermost thoughts...

  5. Fabulous artwork and thanks for sharing your beautiful moon journal. Your stencils are very versatile. Beautiful

  6. "Fascinated with with words!" Oh how I love this!


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