Monday, October 12, 2020

Made By Janet * October 2020

Collaged tissue paper, a label and the Gridded Stencil

Hello Stencil Lovers!
Janet here to share with you what I've been up to.
A new season is upon us...
Sweaters for the cooler evenings here in Ohio...
Tree leaves changing colors...

September brought a new season over at Get Messy Art too.
It was the Season of Steven. What??? you say?
It's who or what influences your creativity. 
Your muse... your inspiration.
The two books I chose to work with were 
Bird By Bird  by Anne Lamott 
and Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon.

It was a very inspiring month.

Anne Lamott gave me a lot to think about. 
There's lots to chew on in Bird By Bird.
Some of my favorite quotes are in this book.

The word truth is from the Vintage Typewriter Alphabet Stencil

There's a LOT about getting over your perfectionism.

Something Anne said on page 53....

A Daniel Hillel quote in the Anne Lamott book, Bird By Bird , page 121.

 June 2020 StencilClub Mash-Up Kit

Some thought provoking words from Anne on page 169.

Fly 4 Stencil, one of my favorites.

More of Anne's wisdom...

From Austin Kleon's book, Steal Like An Artist, a Mark Twain quote.

Bullseye Stencil

Austin Kleon wisdom & some grandchild art collaboration.

ATC Mixup #2 by Mary Beth Shaw.

More Showing up and doing art.

Austin Wisdom.

More of me just showing up.

Sometimes it's hard to show up...

But I still show up.

And in my Art Planner the last few months.

That's all for now friends.
Keep Showing Up.
Keep Doing Art.
Be Creative Every Day.

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  1. You've accomplished a lot - shown up a lot! Thanks for sharing your work!


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