Thursday, November 5, 2020

NEW STENCIL DESIGNERS! Ann Barnes & Helen Shafer Garcia

StencilGirl Products is excited about the six new stencils our two new artists, Ann Barnes and Helen Shafer Garcia have designed. 

We are so happy you are here to check out Ann's whimsical patterned alphabet and Helen's beautiful succulents. Drumroll, please!

The multitude of patterns found among many of the StencilGirl stencil designs inspired Ann Barnes to create the ATC Mixup Alphabet A-I, J-R, and S-Z Stencils. Each letter has a different pattern and may be used to create personalized stationery or gift wrap or to add a monogram. Use the letters to spell out a word, or simply use that pattern itself to create interest in your art journal layouts or designs.

Complete your alphabet now.




Just look at the variety of ways Ann used these stencils!

Gotta love a tote full of art supplies.

Layered letters in a nearly monochromatic art journal spread: 

Whoever is getting these darling gifts will be grateful :)

Washi anyone? Yay!

Show that you care: Make and mail a card!

Keep track of Ann's aksbarchitect CREATES blog for upcoming video tutorials with her stencils.

Helen Shafer Garcia says she is always looking for seedling and sprig shapes to include in her paintings and journal. 

Helen says, “I love the upward growth of plants in my garden. I constantly draw and paint succulents and other plants with pencils and paint. I designed these shapes based on seed pods and new growth on succulents. They can also represent ocean plants and seedlings. Now, with the Filigree Sprigs Stencil, you have a great resource to use to explore and grow!”

Filigree Sprigs, L822

Filigree Sprigs Dropped in Color Forest Painting
Step 1: Stencil the design onto hot pressed watercolor paper. I overlapped the images to create a forest.
Step 2: Wet the entire surface with Cadmium yellow watercolor paint.
Step 3: While the paint is very wet and shiny, drop in other colors. I used Quinacridone Rose, Spring Green, and Carbazole Purple. The Carbazole purple was the last color I dropped in under the sprigs to create a “forest floor.”

The Echeverias Stencil design derived from Helen’s fascination with succulent shapes.

Helen says, “These plants have been the main focus for many of my paintings in watercolor. Echeverias have rosette shapes with a large range of colors. Here in Southern California, I have an advantage of living in the best environment for these plants. Needless to say, I have an abundance of succulents on my 1half-acre property. The shapes on the stencil are separated out for you to design your own arrangement. You can add a ceramic pot or go wild and plant them in the ground!”


Blooming Echeverias Painting
Step 1: Stencil the shapes you have selected onto hot pressed watercolor paper using a fairly dark color acrylic.
Step 2: Using a large round watercolor brush, wet the background with plenty of water. While the surface remains wet, drop in colors. I used Carbazole Purple and Ultramarine Blue. Let the colors mingle on their own, allow the water to move the colors.
Step 3: Start painting the succulent shapes separately using the dropped-in color method. Start with a light warm color on the shape and drop-in cooler colors to show the darker areas.
Step 4: Finish up with glazes: paint over dry painted areas with darker colors where needed.

This ballet of shapes will have you dancing in no time. The Echeveria Ballet Stencil design was derived from Helen’s fascination with succulent shapes. Echeverias have rosette shapes with a large range of colors. The seed pods are abstracted in the stencil for you to use as accents.

Echeveria Ballet Stencil, L821

You can see Helen's actual garden of inspiration HERE.

You can add these fine stencils to your collection by heading over to

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  1. Great new stencils! Glad to see you two new designers added to the wonderful cohort of StencilGirl designers!


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