Thursday, December 3, 2020

StencilGirl® Color & Pattern

Hi StencilGirl® fans!

Suanne Summers here to share my love of color and pattern in this simple Navaho blanket inspired postcard. Using some card stock, acrylic paint and a dash of gel pen join me in these fun pieces. They could be journal covers/pages, paintings or even Holiday gift tags. 

Using Strathmore 140# mixed media paper cut to 4” x 6” I added stripes of various widths with acrylic paint. 

The brand of paint does not matter and I always used just 3-4 colors that included cream, a very dark like black (optional) and two contrasting colors. Be sure to vary the thickness of the lines!

Next I placed the stencil over half the image and applied one of the key colors (orange-red) through the stencil. I applied paint up to one of the stripes, this fools the eye as to where the stencil begins and ends.

I used Organic Roots 3 Small stencil but I’d love to see your versions using another stencil with a smallish design. 

Once dry I turned the stencil to the other side and applied the second key paint color (turquoise). 

Once this layer is dry I added some details with gel pens. I only used black and white gel pens, but gold or silver would add a beautiful Holiday touch. When red was stenciled over red I used the gel pen to show the stencil marks. In other shapes I added stars, stripes and X’s. Whatever your favorite doodle shapes, use them to add an additional layer of interest. 

Follow me on Instagram or on FaceBook. I will be posting color variations all week with close ups so please head over to my page for additional color and pattern ideas!

Thank you for painting with me! Be sure to tag me and follow me so I can see your creations.

Happy Painting,
Suanne Summers


  1. I like your rif on Navajo blankets!

  2. These are stunning. I've got that stencil and I'm going to try it right now! Thanks for the inspiration Suanne


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