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Beautiful Minds Inspire Others Collaboration

Hello!  Tina Walker here and Happy Monday!

Welcome to my newest StencilGirl® Collaboration Post and today, we are honoring artists who inspire us. ♥

Inspiration is defined as:  

Inspiration can come from all types of people, objects, surroundings, or ideals.  For the purposes of this collaboration, we are drawing inspiration from our favorite artists, both historical and current.  

Go grab a cup of your favorite beverage because you will not want to miss this post!  It is truly going to delight your creative heart.


Up first is JANET SMITZ. She has created a beautiful mixed media canvas, inspired by Mary Beth Shaw and Seth Apter.

Janet writes:
"This collaboration somehow really challenged me for the simple reason that I’ve never really seriously thought about artist’s influences on my own.  Sounds weird right?!  After looking inward a long time, I came down to two top individuals and their styles of artistry...Mary Beth Shaw and Seth Apter.  This year I have taken quite a few online classes not only from them but from other wonderful artists.  Mary Beth Shaw has influenced me with her knowledge of using stencils in a advanced way.  Seth, through his, One Layer Away class, and many others helped me to not stop at a few layers but “More is More!’  Then to really top it off I decided to try my hand at freehand painting these dandelions.  Thought I’d try something very simple and straight lines!  LOL!  So after a ton of layering, color combining, stenciling, drawing, shading, etc.  It came out as this.  Definitely something that I’m satisfied with. This won’t be my last attempt of this collaboration type of painting now the bug has bit me!"

Stencils used:
Longwood Florals Mask
Triangle Transitions
Eddy Rose 6

Next, we have LEIGH ANN BIERMAN with a beautiful Altered Tin, inspired by Pam Carriker

Leigh Ann writes:
"Pam Carriker’s face stencils were the first StencilGirl products I purchased. After seeing a Facebook post featuring Pam’s stencils, I was immediately drawn to the beautiful, haunting faces and images she creates. I look at those faces and wonder what stories they have to tell."

Stencils used:
Love Face
Remember Face

Next, is LINDA WYATT with stunning altered wood cubes, inspired by Mary Jane Chadbourne.

Linda writes:
"I chose Mary Jane Chadbourne because I have admired and been inspired by her work for years. Her art is whimsical and colorful, yet detailed and carefully constructed, with unexpected combinations of elements."

Several of the stencils used are:
Judy Judy

Next, we have MARGIE HIGUCHI, with a whimsical mixed media canvas, inspired by Debi Adams.

Margie writes:
"My favorite maker is Debi Adams. Not only do I love her aesthetics but I know her personally which makes it even more special! Her creativity is beyond mixed media – she is so talented in paper crafts, home d├ęcor to florals. I am in awe of her. The mushroom designs in her StencilGirl stencils really spoke to me. Mushrooms are a staple in Japanese cooking…well, my husband’s cooking! HA! The designs she offers really makes me smile like her creations . I added pattern papers from my favorite Japanese scrapbook designer to create a whimsical woodland canvas. It may be simple but I love how it highlights Debi’s mushroom design with a tad of whimsy."

Stencils used:
Tall Skinny Mushrooms

Next up is MARTHA RICHARDSON, with an Iconic wood block mixed media piece, inspired by Laura Mika.

Martha writes:
"For this collaboration, we were challenged to create a project, inspired by one of our favorite makers. I chose the talented Laurie Mika as my inspiration. Her artwork speaks to my soul for so many different reasons. Through her travels she has been inspired by the past to create mixed media mosaic projects. Laurie uses symbols and iconography from various cultures to weave together a piece that is rich in color, jewels, bits & baubles to tell a story. Using polymer clay, stamps & stencils, paint & mica powder to create a base to embellish on with beads, jewelry components and words is the basis of her many pieces. On top of her beautiful mosaic pieces she has created a multitude of stencils for Stencil Girl Products that can be used in your artwork."

Stencils used:
Pilgrimage to Mexico

Next up is RENEE ZARATE, with a gorgeous art journal cover page, inspired by Linda Edkins Wyatt.

Renee writes:
"Linda is my inspirational artist; I have been encouraged over the years by her drawings of unusual faces with the use of stencils and her intriguing use of colors." 

Stencils used:

Talaya, Goddess of Rain     
Laugh Face     

Next, we have SARA BRANSON, with a jaw dropping 16x20 in canvas painting, inspired by the well-known and amazing Gustav Klimt.

Sara writes:
"I am a huge fan of the art of Gustav Klimpt. He created amazing art incorporating repetitive symbols and patterns. I chose to paint this beautiful self portrait in Klimt's style and reminiscent of his portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer.  I even added gold accents similar to his paintings. Stencilgirl had some amazing designers who created the patterned stencils I chose for this artwork.  I am so happy with how it turned out."

Several of the stencils used:
Random Squares
Tiny Grid Boxes

Next up is TRACY KRUEGER, with a wonderful mixed media painting, also inspired by Gustav Klimt.

Tracy writes:
"I was inspired by all of his tiny details. Everytime you look at a piece, you find new details."

Several of the stencils used:
October StencilClub
April StencilClub
July StencilClub

Next we have MARTHA CHRISTOPHER , who has created a grungy journal, inspired by Seth Apter.

Martha writes:
"The reason I chose him besides the fact that I love his grungy multi-layered style is that he is so encouraging and motivating to everyone who wants to create. He inspires me to not overthink and to keep going if I'm not happy with my work until I am satisfied. I used many of his stencils, stamps and other products.."

Stencils used:

Next, we have CHRISTY ANNE, with a bright and cheerful art journal page, inspired by Mary Beth Shaw.

Christy writes:
"I chose MaryBeth for many reasons. Her creative imagination is beyond anything I’ve seen in awhile.  I enjoy her creative use of stencils in her art and in her journals. She also uses tools and other non-tool items in ways I’d never imagined. Most recently, the use of calligraphy dip pens to add marks to journal pages absolutely blew my mind! MaryBeth’s stencil designs are the reason I found Stencil Girl and joined Stencil Club.

Stencils used:
Navigation Chart
StencilClub Feb 2015

Next up is HOPE MALOTT with an art journal page also inspired by Seth Apter.

Hope writes:
"Seth Apter as my inspiration, mostly because I love his grungy style and how well he layers paper and paint."

Stencils used:
StencilClub December 2017

Next we have ANN BARNES, who created a beautiful trio of postcards, inspired by Mary Nasser.

Ann writes:
"I chose Mary C. Nasser, artist, as my inspiration. Each time I look at Mary's art, it takes me to places afar. More often than not, those places involve peaceful seas and gentle breezes, warm hues of blue and green; reminders of sailing the Carribean Sea many years ago with my family. I created three mixed media postcards inspired by Mary's style and colors, as well as some recent pieces she completed for the Painted Paper Project" 

Stencils used:
Navigation Chart
Ancient Mariners Map Mini

Next, we have KERRY MOLINA with a soft and delicate flag book/journal, inspired by Rae Missigman.

Kerry writes:
"I chose Rae Missigman as my inspiration for this project. I find her so creative and her work has so much ease and playfulness.  Her abstract watercolors and vivid colors bring me a lot of joy.  Using her style as an inspiration, I made one of my flag book art journals." 

Some of the stencils used:
Botanical Stem
Grow Strong

Next we have MICHELE KOSCIOLEK, with a beautifully layered mixed media hanging, inspired by moi!  ;) 

Michele writes:
"Inspired by her creative style, her products and the person she is."
(awe - Thank you Michele ♥)

Stencils used:
Icelandic Church
Cathedral Floor
Vintage Typewriter - Lowercase

Next up is CANDY ROSENBURG with an incredible altered Dress Form, inspired by  Seth Apter

Candy writes:
"My inspiration is two fold.  First, I channelled my inner Seth Apter as his stencils are my most favorite and used in my collection. I love how he stacks textures in so many ways and the stencils really speak to my style. I took out an older art journal that had lots of DecoArt paint and hand-cut magazine pieces, back when I first started to art journal, most pages were either very simple or not finished.  The perfect background for using stencils.  I got busy with the stencils and Prima Paper Texture Medium, once completed I realized I needed to elevate this project.  One afternoon, Tina Walker had asked the Facebook world about what to do with her many art journal pages, cut them up into smaller snippets and offer them to the public? In this conversation is when I got the idea to take the finished journal pages and use them the same way I would have with normal craft paper, and create one of my signature dress forms using the heavy duty Fiskars punch.  I love the way it came out."

Stencils used:
Story Time

Next we have SUSAN BROWN,  with a though provoking art journal page, inspired by James Rosenquist.

Susan writes:
"My box of StencilGirl stencils is a myriad of graphic patterns, floral & fauna and this beautiful face by Andrea Matus DeMeng. I spread them all out and was immediately taken back to an artist who inspired me in high school. James Rosenquist’s wall-size paintings resemble collage - combining painting with photographic imagery. The fragmented compositions are mysterious and bold. I had the pleasure of meeting him in 1988 at an exhibition of his work at the FSU Gallery & Museum. The painting “Pistil Packin’ Ladies” has inspired this art journal page."

Several stencils used:
Longwood Florals
Pretty as a Peacock

and Lastly, you have ME, with a quirky, fun, and eclectic art journal spread, inspired by Pablo Picasso.

I write:
"I choose Pablo Picasso for many reasons, but most importantly, for his sense of individualism and unique perspective of art.  His work evolved, changed, and developed as his life experiences affected his expression.  I feel connected to this because my art is always changing and I can never settle on one style, technique, or medium.  It is such a freeing release of emotion."

Some of the stencils used:
Cathedral Floor
StencilClub Nov 2019

That's all for now!  I hope you enjoyed this wonderful inspiration post!  Till next time!


  1. What a wonderful array of collaborative products! These artists all did beautiful jobs of inspiration, not imitation :-)

  2. What a wonderful collaboration! Many amazing variety of mixed media projects...I am thrilled to be a part of something beyond my comfort zone. LOL!

  3. Wow, such diverse talents and uses of stencils - very inspiring!

  4. I really enjoyed all of these pieces. What a great idea for a project, too.

  5. These are all so amazing. I was honored to be represented here! Thank you so much and kudos to everyone for creating such creative and detailed projects.

  6. Truly enjoyed this post. WOW the great designs and colors. Thanks to all for sharing your especial talents and fun


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