Thursday, January 7, 2021

Happy Hour Stencils by Kristin Reese Williams

CHEERS! Here is a toast to you until we can gather! 
StencilGirl has produced new hand-drawn stencils by Kristin Reese Williams.

"These stencils were so fun to design," Kristin says. "I imagined all the fun party invitations or memories of vacations these might be used for! Many were taken from photographs of just those things!"

Ladies’ Night & Ritzy Drinks, L835

Kristin has a dear group of girlfriends that has been taking an annual trip together since 2012. She says, "Dubbed, “The Wicked Seven” since our first trip was to Maine (Wicked good, yeah?), we traditionally line up our glasses and take photos for posterity. This is one of the wine drinkers that trip. It’d be great to use in a scrapbook or as a memento spread of a great time with friends."

"My husband and I had a wonderful trip to Colorado with another couple. We popped into the Ritz for a late afternoon cocktail and I snapped a shot of our drinks. Champagne cocktails, and Bourbon drinks garnished with Rosemary completed our afternoon toast. Use this as a whole or take some of those yummy bubbly parts and add to your mixed media paintings."

Manhattan with 2 Cherries, S856

Kristin says, "I adore a good Manhattan and my husband makes the best. I also like taking photographs looking down into my glass. Add some interest to your art journaling with an abstract view of this delicious cocktail."

Cheers a Toast! S855

Whether you say Yamas! Salud! Porst or Cheers! It’s Wine O’Clock somewhere and the Girls Night Out Crowd is ready to PAR-TAY! It’s Happy Hour. Chin-Chin, Ya’ll!


ATC Mixup, L834

The drinks and bottle on this ATC stencil are perfect for card making, invitations, or adding some spice to an art journal page. Kristin prefers to cut her ATC stencils up as she finds them easier to work with that way. 

Sodas to wine to milkshakes to bourbon on the rocks, these represent so many different libations and a wine bottle! Cheers!

All of Kristin's stencils await your discovery right here, but meanwhile, it would hardly be Happy Hour without Kristin's fave drink recipes! 

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