Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Doing it Warhol Style with Natalie May

Hey there Stencil fans!

Pastiche is one of those words I had to look up.
I'm not too shy to say it!  I had no idea what it meant!
In fact, I messaged a friend and fellow Aussie creative, Fiona Paltridge, for her helping me translate the word into a way that I can use it for my creating! And then it made sense ...Pastiche is to 'borrow' inspiration and make it your own! 

So with this in mind, I went to my all-time fave artist, Andy Warhol. and was instantly overcome with ideas!

I narrowed it down to his unique printmaking style using this fabulous piece for inspiration and pulled out the Gel Press!

Here are a few simple steps I used to create my Art Journal Page.

I started with my Gel Press and created a heap of simple backgrounds using a range of colours.  

Next I pulled out all my Pam Carriker 6" x 6" stencils and decided to use the Create Face for the page. 

I then used the stencil and contrasting colours to create the prints.  

This process was so much fun and I love that I created a heap of extra prints from the additional pulls I got from the plate - including the paper towel! 

Once they were all dry, I trimmed them down and shuffled them around my journal page until I was happy with the layout before popping a little stamping and doodling on the finished image.

I am loving how this turned out!

Thanks for stopping by!

Natalie May


  1. I love this, too, Natalie - wonderful use of pastiche :-)

  2. I love your journal page and I learned a new word. Thanks!

  3. A winner of a very creative idea!!♡♡♡♡


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