Monday, March 8, 2021

Modern Art Trends and Cardmaking with Stencils

Hey friends, I’m Debi Adams and I’m ready for another trendsetting episode and this time I have a wedding on my mind. Well, let me explain. I have a daughter who is getting married this summer, so I thought I would tag along and see what’s “in” these days with young people, after all, I kinda fit right in there, yes? (Don’t answer that!)  Anyway, my daughter is going with a modern, boho-look of terra cotta, peach, cream and white with a touch of baby blue.   I love how the warm and cool colors fit together.  So, I got to thinking of how perfect these colors would translate for this column today. I “researched” a lot of the ways millennials (I have four of them) are dressing and decorating their homes and it’s all very simple, organic and clean. I thought I would showcase that today in the form of cardmaking, one of my favorite places to play.  I will admit I've been struggling lately to jump in on my work for whatever reason. I thought about it for while and then remembered that back at my original art/craft occupation, the art team always chose color palettes before beginning any assignment.  I went back to that and it was like magic for me! Everything fell into place. Colors are my happy place. I felt sooo motivated.  You might be seeing this color combo a lot in my art this year. Can you have a color(s) of the year, like a word of the year?  Well, I'm making it one.  Start thinking about yours. :) So here’s my tip:  If you are struggling at all with art, choose the thing that makes you feel most comfortable or happy. If it’s a design, an idea, a texture, a product, music playing, whatever,  start there! You will be surprised at how fast the art starts rolling when you feel good.

So here are my daughter’s colors…

And here are the paints I found that matched up well.  PaperArtsy has to have some of my favorite colors, like ever.   I may have ordered a “few” paints from Kristin Williams at Ephemera Paducah around Christmas, she has lots,  and I have to say I am in love with Autumn Fire. It is the perfect shade of Terra Cotta.  I love it paired with Seaglass.  Well all the colors are yummy!  Buff, Caramel, Toffee, Brown Shed and Snowflake were all used in my cards too.   

There is no rhyme or reason to how I created my papers. I just made simple stroke marks with my paintbrush and enjoyed watching the colors and designs come to life.  I kept it very, very simple. And I might have gotten carried away with the number of papers I designed. Warning, there will be more coming. 

I used  StencilGirl® stencils by MaryBeth Shaw and Rae Missigman. (See below for the stencils).

I love Rae’s ATC #2 Botanical and her ATC #1 Art Marks for mark-making. They are exactly what I’m seeing in modern art.  MaryBeth’s stencils are always in my art box, especially her ATC MixUp.  This one has lots of great small designs that seem to go with any look or style. I also used her Coffee Cup Rings.

And then it was time to create the cards.  Most of them were complete art, a few were created with parts and pieces.  All the sentiments were by Hero Arts.  I love how we all play together in the art playground.  

Here's some close up shots of all the cards. I have more I am still working on on my desk for probably like the whole entire year.

So that’s my story, the long and the short of it. Hope today gave you some new ideas, different ways to play, things to consider and a window of opportunities.  Can’t wait to see your art station! If you considering cardmaking, I have a StencilGirl® Studio Class called "The Art of Cardmaking" where I show how to make nearly10 different cards from a single sheet of stenciled paper.  Super fun and really easy. Check it out here.  Have a great day and stay safe my friends! 


Debi Adams


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  1. Love your story about how you came up with your inspiring palette. Great colors - beautiful cards!

  2. Okay now I really NEED to get out my paints and stencils. You are so DARNED inspiring! THANKS again! Happy Spring!


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