Thursday, June 3, 2021

Glow in the Dark Stenciled Jar by Cynthia Silveri

Hi Everyone! Happy to be back on the blog with a simple little project for summer. I needed a container for the long matches used for lighting summer candles and campfires, so what better container than a glow in the dark jar with a sun on it?!


Glass straight sided jar (I used a peanut butter jar) with or without lid
Lit powdered glow in the dark paint by Stuart Semple
Super Base white acrylic paint by Stuart Semple
Peruvian Sun Mask Stencil 
Dish to mix paint
Measuring spoon
Paint brush, sponges
Clear or masking tape


1.      Gather your materials and begin by mixing up a small amount of Lit Glow in the Dark Paint by Stuart Semple. The ratio of paint to water is 1:1. I used a scant tablespoon of Lit. After you mix it with water add the Super Base paint to the desire consistency, which works best fairly thick. (I think mine was a little too thin so I had to apply multiple layers).

2.      Tape the stencil onto the jar pulling it tight. Using the sponge, dab on the paint over the stencil remember to keep it “dry”-apply thin layers to avoid squishing the paint under the stencil. Allow to dry completely then dab on more paint until it is nearly opaque.

3.      Before taking off the stencil, hold the jar under a light and then check the result in a dark room, like a closet or bathroom without a window, to make sure you have applied enough of the glow in the dark paint. 

4.      Once you are satisfied with the result, remove the stencil. Clean up any paint that has seeped beneath the stencil with a toothpick-the paint will easily scratch off. Because this is not glass paint, the design can get scratched off too, so be careful. It is best to use this jar where it will not be handled much.

5.      Using the paint brush, touch up any areas that need additional paint or to “fix mistakes”. You can also fill in the stencil bridge areas if you like.

6.      Fill the jar with odds and ends and display it where you can enjoy it at night, like on a bedside table or use it for long matches like I did.

Be sure to charge up the paint under a light and then enjoy the glow!

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