Monday, July 26, 2021

Cooking With Tina

Hello and Happy Summer!  Tina Walker here with my latest installment of my Collaboration Column post and project.  In the spirit of all things food YUMMO!  this collaboration is inspired by cooking.  I call it 'Cooking With Tina'.

Each Monday, for a total of 12 weeks, I shared a 'cooking' ingredient that was used on a mixed media project - art journal or canvas painting.  All participants started from the same blank page (or mixing bowl) but our finished 'dishes' couldn't be more different.  I love that about this challenge.  

Today is the final ingredient as we put our finishing touches on our projects and finish cooking our dishes.

Let's check out the participants finished projects. (be sure to click on the name for more project details)


Here's what Ann had to say about the process.

"This was probably the most challenging one I've participated in. It was such a different approach for me, and not knowing what was coming next, had my ideas changing from week to week about how in the world I would pull it all together... The struggle was real and in the end, I am glad I stuck with it."

Favorite Stencils Used:

Arched Aqueduct


Favorite Stencil Used:

StencilClub September 2019


Here's what Glenda had to say about the process.

"Working on this collaboration was both fun and a challenge.  As with cooking a meal when you add ingredients you want to have a cohesive balance of flavors and textures.  That being said when adding ingredients such as paint a face after you have added stencil pattern over most of the page can be very interesting.  The difference with cooking a meal is that you have all of the ingredients at one time.  In this collaboration each week we received a new ingredient and my initial panic of how I would make it work.  the beautiful part was finding ways to make it work, ways to be somewhat cohesive like adding a red sweater for the girl.  Yes, this was a challenge, but it was so much fun."

Favorite Stencils Used:

Gaelic Angel

StencilClub May 2021 


 Here's what Kerry had to say about the process.

"This project was truly a challenge, in a positive way. As artists, and people, we need to stretch ourselves. We need to try new things so as not to get stagnant.  It's good for the soul! This project was challenging in that from week to week,  we didn't know what was coming. No matter if the technique or color of the week wasn't what we usually donor what we thought would match what we had so far.  We had to figure out what to do with the instruction or "ingredient." The hardest one for me was the face! I thought--oh no, I can't do that well! But I pushed through, and am actually okay with this gal that emerged."

Favorite Stencils Used:

Cathedral Floor

Through The Gates


Favorite Stencils Used:



Favorite Stencils Used:

Cathedral Floor

Text and Texture 

Buenos Aires


Here's what Tracy had to say about the process.

"The process of this collaboration was so much fun! Each week you had to be creative but really reign yourself in before letting it get out of control."

Favorite Stencils Used:

StencilClub October 2020

Jumbo Vintage Typewriter


And finally, mine.  :)

I personally LOVE creating in this way.  I love the challenge and the unknown of the next ingredient.  When a new choice is revealed it makes my head spin with ideas and I find I am the most creative that way.

Favorite Stencils Used:

StencilClub October 2020

Van Vorst

For those who still want to play along, below is the entire 'Ingredient List'.  Use the ingredients in order to expand your creative exploration and most importantly don't stress it.  ♥

Till next time!  Happy Stenciling.


  1. Such great pieces and fun collaboration!

  2. What a great idea for a collaboration challenge! And, as always, you got great results. Thanks, Tina!


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