Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Mary Beth Shaw's VLOG: July 2021

Go behind the scenes with Mary Beth in her studio today!
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  1. My question is when is MaryBeth Shaw going to have another sale of her art? I've finally decided my living room is going to be in MY colors, rather than the colors left by the previous owners, so now all of those pieces of artwork MB sold last year would work in my house! janisgraham (at) yahoo (dot com)

  2. Do you use your stencils with encaustic wax or paint? If so, how do you clean them without ruining them? Thanks. I love your art work! redrider55 (at) gmail (dot com)

  3. Thanks for the interesting background on how you design stencils! Now I will see stencil patterns everywhere too!

    I have watched many of your fabulous demonstration videos, but I am wondering what is your top favorite technique to use with stencils?

    Amanda at Meadowdance dot org

  4. Hi Mary Beth😊 I'm a newbie on IG and here! Seth Apter "introduced" us! I'm looking forward to driving into more of your site. Very interesting to hear your answers on the last two questions. WOW!!! 2,000+ stencils is quite the investment in stencils! My question (s) are these:
    1. What is your personal favorite medium to use with your stencils?
    2. Why?
    Thanks and "see" you around😊
    johnson dot connie dot lynn at g mail dot com


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