Thursday, July 8, 2021

Mix and Match Grunge Marks Stencils by Seth Apter

The three stencils in Seth Apter’s new Grunge Marks Collection are all based on marks made and found within his recent artwork. 

Seth says, “For me every little detail in an artwork makes a difference and as a result, mark-making is evident in everything I create.”

These stencils will help you to add marks and symbols to your work. You can use them for background details, abstract focal points, or border frames. Mix and overlap as they all work well together. Use bits and pieces of each to make the design all your own. 

The Grunge Strips & Borders Stencil features four sets of interspersed marks including: 

  • Xs and hash marks
  • Unconnected Os, dots, and hash marks
  • fat plus signs, dots, and lines
  • linear dotted lines with random dots

The Symbol Grid Stencil features dots, lines, and right side up and upside-down Vs hand-drawn and loosely aligned.

The Glyph Grid Stencil features a variety of hand-drawn crosses, organic dots hand-drawn and loosely aligned.

"So far, my favorite technique with these stencils is using spray inks held far away from the stencil, creating a loose and fragmented pattern perfect for a background," Seth says.

Discover all Seth's stylish grunge stencils via


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