Wednesday, August 4, 2021

New Stencils and Masks from Martice Smith and Suzi Dennis

StencilGirl® is thrilled to showcase a new designer, Martice Smith, as well as an artist who has not designed for us in a bit, Suzi Dennis.

Here is a peek of what is in store for you when you scroll down ~ inspiration from Martice and a pottery tutorial by Suzi.

Suzi Dennis' art is on the left and Martice Smith's is on the right, above.

Graphic Mod Collection

Graphic Mod is a collection of 3 hand-drawn masks with stencils by Martice Smith based on expressive mark-making, a.k.a. graffiti! These designs are playful, organic shapes inspired by her love for graffiti and street art in the Arts District of her hometown in Kansas City, Missouri, where she spends her afternoon walks being mesmerized by the artistry of unknown creative rebels.

Broken down into bold and chunky graphic lines and shapes, these stencils and masks will help you add an urban/contemporary feel to your work. Mix and overlap them to create symbols - they all work well together. You can also use them for background details, focal points, border frames, lines for journaling, and more. Combine or use bits and pieces of each set to create a whole new vibe!

There are three stencils with masks included in the Graphic Mod Collection.

70s Play features a long looping mask and stencil surround so you can layer it with color if you wish.

70s Play, L863

Hole in the Wall features two nested looping shapes for more layered paint play.

Hole in the Wall, L864


Bubble features a bubble inside of a bubble.

Bubble, L865

There’s no wrong way to use them," Martice says. "Create with the masks alone or together with the stencils from all three sets from the Graphic Mod Collection."

Her favorite technique with these stencils is using them with acrylic paints on a gelatin plate. She says they are also "perfect for creating abstract backgrounds in your art journal, printmaking, mixed media, and especially large canvas paintings and murals.

"Use a pair of small scissors or a craft knife to cut out the stencil and mask combo," Martice says. 

Bubble and 70s Play combined.

Experiment with repeating the shapes to create layers of pattern and texture. Rotate, flip, or combine designs.

Paths and Mosaic & Pebbles

The Mosaic and Pebbles Stencil designed by Suzi Dennis features a central circular design made up of shapes with sharp edges surrounded by smaller organic circular and oval shapes. 

Mosaic & Pebbles 6" x 6" Stencil, S887

The Paths Stencil with Mask was designed by Suzi Dennis. The organic oval mask is full of mark-making hand-drawn with a thick tip. The stencil surround makes it easy to layer this pattern.

Whether you chose to layer it up or not, the Paths Stencil & Mask and the Mosaic & Pebbles Stencil are each perfect for use with your gel printing plate, plus they make wonderful designs in your art journaling or mixed media artwork, or as Suzi has used it, for stenciling a design on pottery.

Paths Mask with Stencil Surround, 6" x 6", S888

Want to make Suzi's stenciled, bisque fired plate? Here's how:

Discover more of Suzi Dennis' designs including the Flower Pot Mask she used on the bottom of her plate.

What will you stencil next?


  1. I love the ways you ladies used your new stencils here - such brilliant colors!

  2. I love the versatile stencils both of you produced. Sandi, your video of how you painted the bisque plate was fascinating!


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