Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Trena Brannon: Bring Some Positivity into Your Space

Hello Beautiful People! Trena Brannon here today sharing an idea for how to use stencils to bring some positivity into your space. I felt I needed some affirmation words and more color in my creative space, however painting the walls is not practical right now. In an on-line ad I saw a white book case with color on the black splash. I thought I could do that to my bookcase from Ikea! So I did.

I first removed all the contents and shelves.  This also gave me opportunity to review my supplies and how things were organized on the shelves. :) I decided on a blue base with some pops of gold and bright green. The stencils I chose are from the TreWen West African collection from StencilGirl® - a collaboration with Wendy Featherston and me - with designs and words that inspire. I envisioned that the designs would peek through my art supplies.

I poured a variety of blue hues acrylic paint into a bowl and gently stirred them.  Starting in the top section of the bookcase, I painted around the edges of the back splash with a sponge brush, using a piece of cardboard to help me line up and protect the sides from paint. I still got a little paint on the sides, but that's ok - I knew I could go back and touch it up with white - or not, just leave those speckles for a memory. Next, I used a paint brush to fill in the center area.  For the pops of gold and bright green, I randomly sponged all around the section while the blue was still wet.   I worked my way down to the bottom.

By the time I finished the bottom section, the top section was dry enough to add the stencils. I'm not one to pull out a ruler and measure. :) I used a small sponge dabber and white acrylic paint to add Hope "about" in the center of the back splash. Next Faith and Enjoy Yourself near each corner, and then I painted Endurance, Resourcefulness and Humility and Strength.  TIP: I dabbed off excess paint for dry brush technique that allowed for a crisp edge.

I let it dry overnight and then put the shelves back in. It took me a little while to put the supplies back on the shelves. I took time to think about the last time I touch each art supply and if it fit with my current art flow. Over the years, I've tried a variety of art forms. Many of the supplies I have purchased was influenced by Carol Duval and her guests. :) At the time I just had to have it, so I bought it, but rarely (or never) got around to using it. It was time to let that unused art supplies go to a home that will use it.  Next weekend, I'll do the second bookcase in my space!

Here’s a photo of the supplies I used:

Suggestion: If you are looking for a good home for your unused art supplies, I suggest checking with local senior care facilities. I found one in my area that was thrilled when I called and offered to donate.

A couple more ideas to spread some positivity:

1.       I have a 9x12 sketch book that I use to jot down ideas, make marks, doodle drawings, and brainstorm collections.  Of course, I had to put some paint on that generic cover. :) For the background I randomly sponged in acrylic paint. After it dried completely, I used the 9x12 stencil from the August StencilClub set I designed to add interest. I used the words so many possibilities from my I Get to Choose stencil to remind me not to limit my thinking around new ideas.

Check out my video here for tips and techniques for using word stencils.

2.       I used one of the small African masks from the August StencilClub set, to create a quick “just because” card - just because I’m thinking of you, I’m giving you a card.  I used gouache paint and a small paint brush to paint the background shape of the matching mask stencil. I like the matte painterly look of gouache. I used white acrylic paint and a small sponge dabber over the mask for the detailed image, being mindful to use the dry brush technique. I believe hand written cards make people feel special. Think about the last time you received a handwritten card and how it made you feel…

I hope this post gave you ideas to create some positivity around you and to spread some positivity!

Take Care and Stay Positive!
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  1. Great ideas, Trena - it's fun seeing how you carried them out!

  2. Beautiful stencils! I’m intrigued by your project

  3. Thank you Jeanette! I really enjoyed collaborating with Wendy on the West African collection. The club stencil set brought up so many warm memories. There are truly endless possibilities creating with stencils. 🙂

  4. I need to bring some positive decor on my scraproom...I'll check again your post.

  5. Love the bookshelf! What a neat idea! I also love that you incorporate Positivity in your work. I believe that when you put positivity into what you are doing, the outcome is positive as well.


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