Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Anouk (Creanouk): Trust the Process

Hello you beautiful artists,

Art journal spreads goes through many stages. There's the stage in the beginning when the blank page stares at you and screams to be filled with layers of your favorite mediums. Then there's the stage in between when everything is still possible but you have already made your mark. The stage when you sometimes don't know if your previous actions were that good. From there you end up in the stage of fixing your mistakes. Or, if everything went to your liking, the stage where you complement the things you have done just to give your page a little extra. And then of course you come into a stage of finishing where you write or glue down a quote and add some other finishing touches like ink splatters or marks.

Sounds familiar? Or is it only me who unconsciously works in these stages?

The page that I made and filmed for you today definitely went through all these stages. Halfway through I wasn't so sure if I was liking the things that I've done. The colors, which I normally love so much, felt a little too much. The composition is boring. I wasn't so sure what I could do to make it feel right again. But I kept going. And layer for layer the page started to grow back on me. I was reminded to always trust the process of my art and to never give up. Because in the end, I really love how the page turned out.

I used Wildflower Bouquet by Wendy Brightbill in the background as one of the first layers to create some depth in the white open space.

On top of the background, I used Bouquet Greenery also by Wendy Brightbill, to soften up the parts of the background that felt too much. I used white so that everything blended very nicely together. Using the Bouquet Greenery again, with the same Prussian blue that I used in the background but now mixed with my modeling paste, on top of the white print created a very interesting layered focal point.

In my video, you can see every step that I took to create this spread. I've tried to explain the steps that I took in a voice-over, but I would like to warn you that I would rather write in English than speak. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this video, and that you'll trust the process when you are about to give up on the page.

The stencils that I used for this project are:

Dylusions squared journal
Modeling Paste Matt
Vintage Music and Book Paper
Napkins from Sostrene Grene
Mod Podge Matt
Amsterdam White Gesso
Amsterdam Modeling Paste
Amsterdam Titan Buff Deep Acrylic
Amsterdam Prussian Blue Acrylic
Amsterdam Gold Acyrlic Ink

Thank you so much for reading my blog post. I hope that I have inspired you to create today! My name is Anouk or Creanouk on social media, and I'm an all-round creative from the Netherlands. I love art journaling because I can put my heart and soul into it. You can find my work on Instagram and Youtube.


  1. Your work is always so inspiring Anouk!

  2. I loved your process Anouk - and you spoke English wonderfully (better than my Dutch lol). Thank you making this blog post and I hope to try out something similar using the products in my stash.


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