Thursday, January 27, 2022

Come meet our newest designer, Kecia Deveney, and her inaugural launch!

Please join us in welcoming our newest designer, Kecia Deveney, to the StencilGirl® family. Kecia is a published mixed media artist, instructor, and world traveler, living at the Jersey Shore.  As a mixed media artist, her eclectic style can be seen in fabric and textiles, jewelry design, sculpture-work, and painting.  Creating is pivotal to Kecia and becomes, for her, art therapy. Her imagination comes to life and allows her temporary reprieve from her role as a full-time caregiver.  Her work is about ingenuity and playfulness. Kecia travels across the world so she may inspire others to find their own artistic spirits.  

Unalomes are symbols of enlightenment. Historically they are thought to have originated from ancient India and have been found in both Hindu and Buddhist writings. More modernly, they have evolved into sacred body art. 

Artistically Kecia loves to draw them; creating spiritually charged symbols and likes the idea of adding power words to the Unalome to give them a mixed media feel. Kecia's work  incorporates them into paintings, journal pages, making cards, and even embroidery.

You can learn more about Kecia at her website

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