Thursday, March 24, 2022

What's the biggest reason Carolyn Dube loves stencils?

What’s the biggest reason I love stencils? Carolyn Dube from here with an answer to that very hard question. If I had to narrow it down to one single reason I love stencils, it’s because each person can use them in their own style or way!

Let me show you what I mean by sharing gel prints made by the amazing creative and playful women who joined me at EphemeraPaducah
for my Colorful Layers gel printing workshop!

Ephemera Paducah is the store and studio of fellow 
StencilGirl® designer, Kristin Williams.  Her place has such a wonderful energy and creative vibe to it!

These women all used the same Gel Press gel plates and StencilGirl® stencils but everyone was printing in their style, using colors they loved, and creating something uniquely theirs!  


Now you know the biggest reason why I love stencils.  What’s the number one reason you love them?

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