Monday, April 25, 2022

Virtual Traveling Canvas - StencilGirl® Collaboration

Hello and Happy Monday!  Tina Walker here with my latest StencilGirl® Collaboration post.

Today's collaboration is in the spirit of a true collaboration - a Virtual Traveling Canvas.  Me and 8 other amazing mixed media artists took turns sharing a creative prompt each week, for 9 weeks and I must say, some of the prompts really made me put my creative thinking cap on.  :)

Before I share the finished canvas for each participant, here's a list of all 9 prompts.  I challenge you to create your own 'traveling canvas' by yourself or your cyber friends.

PROMPT #1 (Jennifer Armstrong)

With a black permanent or semi-permanent pen/marker/pencil that you like to draw with, do a blind contour drawing. Could be a face, a houseplant, a still life, anything. Ideally something with organic shapes rather than mechanical lines, but it’s up to you. Your line should touch at least two edges of your canvas/substrate. When complete, rotate your canvas 90 degrees and do it again.
As this will be the very bottom layer, chances are not much of it will survive, but hopefully a line or two will show through to the end.
Line weight is your choice, but obviously the heavier/darker it is the more chance it has to peek through here and there after eight additional steps.

PROMPT #2 (Tracy Villaume)

Because I love collage as one of my first layers...using one of your favorite (or more) Stencil Girl stencils, and ONLY black or white paint or Gesso, stencil onto neutral ephemera or papers - book pages, music sheets, sewing patterns, etc. - then randomly collage onto your substrate (you do not have to cover your entire first layer, totally up to you)!

PROMPT #3 (Sunila Mahajan)

For the third layer, I thought of playing with thread and stencils. Let’s incorporate some needle works, or make thread marks using one or more stencils on any part of our canvas. This could also mean, creating collage pieces using fabric, stencils and needle work and adding them onto our canvas. Hope you all have fun with this one! Updated prompt - Since everyone is working on various surfaces and stitching may not be an options, you could substitute the threads with paint instead. So make marks using stencil and paint.

PROMPT #4 (Christy Strickler)

Using a marker, pencil or pen add stencil design to 3 corners of your piece. Use parts of the stencil design but not the entire stencil.

PROMPT #5 (Laura Raynor)

Let’s let loose and add some runny media. With your fingertips, if you dare! Fluid paints, or India inks for example. Translucent or opaque. As much or as little as you need. Gloves optional.

PROMPT #6 (Susan Brown)

I’m thinking OPPOSITES here… So your last stencil purchased (meaning newest), and using your least favorite color, stencil a mirror image design onto your canvas. What do you all think?!

PROMPT #7 (Anna Karena)

My prompt this week will be two actually. The first one is to add tape to your piece. Masking tape or washi tape as little or as much as you wish. (Reminder: if using washi tape I always add extra glue or cover with gel medium so they don’t fall off).
The second is to add numbers to your piece. Again, as many as you wish in any format you wish. Hand write them, use a calendar, a clock face, or maybe make a number out of tape so it’s a twofer.
I hope you don’t mind two tasks this week.
PROMPT #8 (DeeDee Catron)
I want you to REDO a prompt you've already done --- this time in OPPOSITE.
Just one..
If you chose a bright color for something, maybe do it in a neutral.
if you chose a linear pattern, maybe go circular. you chose odd? go even. you covered something up, uncover it.good luck & have FUN!
PROMPT #9 (Tina Walker)
Create a focal point, using one of your 'go-to' techniques or a 'you' style. Does that make sense?
Then finish up your canvas in anyway you deem needed.
Let's see those finished canvases!
Jennifer Armstrong

Stencils Used:
Tracy Villaume

Stencils Used:
Sunila Mahajan

Stencils Used:
Christy Strickler

Stencils Used:
Laura Raynor

Stencils Used:

Anna Karena

Stencils Used:
DeeDee Catron

Stencils Used:
Last, but not least, my canvas.  I thought it would be fun to share a step by step evolution of the canvas and how each prompts inspired me.
Prompt #1
Prompt #2

Prompt #3

Prompt #4

Prompt #5

Prompt #6

Prompt #7, #8, #9 (I added the washi numbers to my canvas, then covered up sections with white gesso before step #9)
Prompt #9

Stencils Used:
I hope you were inspired to create your own canvas in 9 easy steps!  I hope you have a wonderful week!



  1. holy WOWza!!! They're all SO DAMN DIFFERENT!!!! & really really incredible. what a testament to the art brain!

  2. Each and everyone is fantastic! I love all of the various interpretations of the prompts!!

  3. I LOVE this challenge! Such wonderful prompts, and such wonderful results from each artist. Thanks, Tina, for another terrific collaboration.

  4. This one definitely pushed me out of my 'zone', but it was so fun!


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