Monday, July 25, 2022

13 Days Adrift - StencilGirl® Collaboration

Hello and welcome to the heat of the summer!  Tina Walker here today with my latest collaboration. 

First of all, collaborations like this are some of my faves!  It's a little bit of recipe and prompt and a lot a bit of 'the same starting point'.  I love combining these two elements because the outcomes and completed projects are always a surprise!  They vary as much as we are individuals and that is what makes them perfect.

The concept behind this collaboration was the following -
Each participant received one of these vintage books - titled, "13 Days Adrift", the experiences of M. Stanley McLean.  

The participants had to deconstruct, then reconstruct the book into another book or journal with a specific technique or style of their choosing. They could add additional pages to their book, use pages from the original book as collage material, gelli plate backgrounds, or whatever they could dream up! challenge them even more, the following had to be done.
1. They had to pick ONE shape (circle, square, rectangle, triangle, floral, etc.) and only that ONE shape could an be used throughout their new book/journal.
2. Only Black & White (and all shades of grey in between) were to be used.

They could create with any theme, structure or story.  Intrigued yet?

Just wait - - - their finished books are truly works of art! Each artist interpreted the prompts differently and various reconstructions were used.  I am SO in love with this collaboration and the boldness of the black & white!  Let's check em' out!
(Be sure to click each participants name for more details and photos of their journals)

Ann's theme was CIRCLES, and she had this to say about the collaboration.

"Wanting to stay as true to the theme as the original booklet, my "new" book features driftwood covers with an exposed binding, it maintains a nautical theme and incorporates stencils that feature a circular shape. ( Full disclosure: since we were allowed to use black, white and all shades of grey, I used Payne's Grey as my main color with black and white...)"
Stencils Used:


Janet's theme was also CIRCLES. Here's what she had to say about the collaboration.

"I have been in a few collaborations with Tina and Stencilgirl and this one by far has been the best!  I believe it is because the challenge of using neutral colors, 13 Days Adrift book, and one shape but the freedom of however shape the journal may be.  it was absolutely freeing for me and the best challenge.  In fact, I'm going to take these same to create a similar journal!  Just loved it!  Thank you Tina!!!"

Stencils Used:

Crazy Quilts


Winter Berries


Kerry's theme was COMPASSES.

Stencils Used:

Ornamental Compass 

Compass Rose



Kristi's theme was CIRCLES.  She incorporated some of the book words with some form of texture and used slow stitching for that. Here's what she had to say.

"I found it really challenging with the limited palette but was super happy with the way it turned out. It stretched me as an artist and I was happy with my little journal in the end."

Stencils Used:

ATC MixUp Missigman

Bittersweet Mini

River Rocks Mini


Leaca's theme was CIRCLES. That seems to be very popular.  :)

Stencil Used:

Large Bubbles


Linda's theme was HEARTS.

Stencils Used:

Four Sacred Hearts

ATC Mixup Mika


Martha's theme was also CIRCLES. Here's what she had to say.

"When I first read about this challenge I couldn’t wait to join in! I love making journals, vintage books and love a challenge. But I have to admit that I had a moment of doubt when I was getting started. I wanted to make something different than the journals I usually make, but my brain was finding it difficult to deal with using only the colors black, white and gray and focusing on only one shape. Once I turned off the part of my brain that was blocked and just started, the ideas started flowing and I thoroughly enjoyed the process."

StencilClub Jan 2019

Inky Circles

River Rocks


Mary's theme was WAVES!  Love this so much!

Stencils Used:

Water's Edge

Mini Waves


Michelle's theme is CIRCLES.  Here's what she had to say about the collaboration

"My book was inspired by a quote from Karen Marie Moning: "I was adrift in a sea of questions and 

if answers were lifeboats I was in imminent danger of drowning."  The book was called 13 days adrift 

and i kept thinking what does adrift mean to me.

It makes me think of all those times in the last couple of years with the pandemic that we have kind

of been adrift without any real answers or any idea of how to make the best of a weird situation.  

This is definitely a tongue in cheek kind of book and on the front i cut a little snip from the book 

that says, "To all my shipmates who paid the supreme sacrifice I dedicate this book." Maybe some 

of the same thoughts going through the author's mind back in 1943 were spiraling around in mine 

while i was trying to make sense of life recently. 

Stencils Used:

Speckles and spots

Arrows within Rounds

Deconstructed Della Robbia



Michelle's theme is faces. 

Stencils Used:

Stone Face 

Thoughtfull Face

Sweet Girl Face 


Nina's theme is CRESCENTS.  Here's what she had to say. 

"I started with b&w alcohol ink gel prints. The original 13 Days Adrift booklet is completely embedded in every page. The shape I focused on was on the crescent. Focal points are vintage scraps of book bindings with alcohol ink's. The binding is vintage upholstery fabric mixed with collage."

Stencils Used:

StencilClub Jan 2022

StencilClub Oct 2021


 Sandy's theme is FACES. Here's what Sandy had to say.

"Adrift…to float as if neither being moored or steered…pretty much sums up how I felt at the beginning of this project.  I found my course within the parameters of the challenge Tina set and embraced them as an artistic story began to unfold with the inspiration of Stencil Girls Faces in the Crowd stencil.  In the end it was a wonderful journey that stretched my imagination."

Stencils Used:

Faces in the Crowd


Tracy's theme was BONTANICAL. Here's what she had to say.

"When challenged with this collaboration and using one stencil "type", I knew it had to be botanical. Only using a black, white and grey palette actually made it easier for me, once I started my book, I was hooked and couldn't stop!"

Stencils Used:

Curvey Stems

Wildflowers and Grasses

Leavy Doodle Border


Tracy's theme was also BOTANICALS. Here's what she had to say.

"I really loved this collaboration and seeing all the different interpretations...It is amazing how unique stencils can make a piece even when using a single shape and limited color palette!"

Stencils Used:

ATC Mixup Missigman

Botanical Wildflowers

Floral Embellishments


Kathy's theme was WATER.  Here's what she had to say.

"I chose the theme adrift from the title and contents of the book. The word adrift caught my attention so I went with the theme adrift and knew I wanted to go with some sort of water, wave, flow theme.  This is the first collab I had ever participated and it was a little challenging when I started. I skimmed through the book and then did research on the word adrift trying to visualize journal pages. Once I started and chose the papers for my cover I found my direction. I decided I would make a journal focusing on quotes about being adrift, wandering anything along that theme. I gathered hand died papers I had collected from other artist, my own painty papers and pages from the book. The journal has several pages because I had so many pretty papers to use along with the book pages. I decided to make a journal that would be an ongoing project. An art journal to add quotes an things about water as I found them. A place for stamps, pictures, my own art and keep it along the black and white theme. It will be an inspiration of quotes and ideas. I really enjoyed working on the collab. It gave me the opportunity to work on something in a way I have not worked on other art journal pages or art journals."

Stencils Used:

Water's Edge

Mini Waves


Here's what Kathy had to say.

"I thought Adrift = pandemic, and that's where I went with it. Such a metaphor for what we are experiencing (me still)."

Stencils Used:


Tiny Medallion


DeeDee chose ARCHES as her theme.  Here's what she had to say.

"I chose arches as my book shape & pretty much loved every second! I utilized my factory & cut some custom shaped chip to build this book. The pages have been collaged with the 13 Days Adrift book pages, stenciled heavily with StencilGirl Products & embellished with various goods like tissue paper from Tina Walker, washi tape, chipboard & diecuts all from UmWowStudio. There are also image transfers & paint, marks & fabric, gesso + loads more on these pages, which were finalized in order with a tab binding."

Stencils Used:

Cathedral Arch

Mix and Match

Towers of Arches 



Christy's theme was CIRCLES. Here's what she had to say.

"I chose to deconstruct the book, using words and phrases from the text to tell a story in my journal. You can see a few small bits on this page. I used Payne's grey with it's bluish grey tones to help pull the blue from some of the images in the book and make it color consistent throughout."
Stencils Used:

Alexa's theme was FACES.  

Stencils used:

And lastly, my project.  My theme was CIRCLES (again!).  Circles seem to the crowd favorite.

I completely took the book apart, collaged the book pages on a master sheet, then cut the master sheet into smaller sizes. 

I bound these smaller sizes into a flip journal/book, machine stitched together.  I really loved my finished project and the focus on the limited color palette of black & white.

Stencils Used:

StencilClub July 2019 

StencilClub June 2021 

River Rocks

I made a short video for your viewing pleasure.  ♥

 Till next time.



  1. This was my absolute favorite collaboration yet! Thank you Tina and SG for allowing me to be a part of it. Each artist's book turned out fabulous. So unique and true to the artists' styles. I love seeing all the different stencils and how although there were many choices for shape/theme that were the same, no two are alike! Fantastic projects by everyone.

  2. This was an amazing experience! What talent, imagination, and artistry that went into each journal. These creations are just marvelous. Thank you, Tina and Stencil Girl, for the opportunity to participate.

  3. WOW I am speechless. That was simply amazing. I love every single one.

  4. Another wonderful collaboration, Tina. You invariably get terrific results when you run these collabs. When I first looked at the StencilGirl Talks page and everything was B/W, I wasn't too sure, but once I got to see the fabulous projects - and especially the ones that shared their entire book and/or techniques - clearly it's possible to produce a raft of wonderful b/w projects, each unique. Congrats to all!

  5. (I missed seeing yours though, Tina ;-(


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