Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Art Journaling with Watercolors and New Rae Missigman Stencils

Hello, wonderful people! Laura here, and today I am sharing a technique for using watercolors and stencils in your art journal!

First off, can we talk about these amazing new stencils/masks from Rae Missigman?? They are awesome! When I saw them I knew they were for me. I just love the botanical shapes, and that you have the option to use them as a stencil or a mask is just fantastic.

Next, let's talk about watercolors. If you've followed me at all, you know that I just love when paint flows together - it's just so relaxing to watch. And watercolors are the perfect medium for that. 

Awhile ago I shared a technique for using watercolors with stencils where I laid the stencil on the paper, put the watercolors through, and then immediately lifted the stencil again, revealing the pattern. 

This time, I put the mask down, used a boatload of water and paint to paint over the masks, and left the masks on the paper while the paint dried. It may not seem like a big difference, but in some areas you get pooling along the stencil, with makes lines more bold and defined. In other areas you get a bit of pooling under the stencil, but either way, it ends up looking grungy and colorful.

I made sure to add some metallic interest with some gold watercolor and some Lindy's Stamp Gang Magical Spray (gifted to me awhile ago by Mary Beth Shaw - quite possibly the best gift ever!). 

Check out the video for the process below! I hope you enjoy it and feel inspired!!


Strathmore Mixed Media Journal 8.5 x 5in
Vintage Ledger Paper 
UHU Glue Stick
Watercolors - I used:
Daniel Smith Aussie Red Gold
Daniel Smith Quinacridone Lilac
Van Gogh Olive Green
Master's Touch Indigo
Daniel Smith Iridescent Gold
Stabilo All Pencil - Black
Black Spray Paint
UmWowStudio Chipboard Cheverons
UmWowStudio Die Cut Words
Liquitex Heavy Matte Gel Medium
Lindy's Gang Shimmer Spray - Golden Wheat

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  1. I remember you using this technique over a year ago (leaving it out in the sun to dry, even), and I love this method! 😀


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