Thursday, September 22, 2022

Join us in Welcoming New Designer, Tiffany Goff Smith, to the StencilGirl Family!

Tiffany is a southern gal living on the coast of Alabama with her husband. She is happiest with paint on her hands and usually in her hair. She’s a free spirit with a love for exploring, she loves to guide others on pushing the limits and understanding their creative voice. Her love of color, texture and her love for recycling fuels her when she shows up in her studio. Tiffany has been published in countless magazines and is one of the founders of The Ugly Art Club. She is passionate about empowering other creatives to lean into the unknown and reimagine what is possible. 

Doorways (S922)

The Doorway stencil was inspired by the beauty found in the old paint-peeled doors. The stories and secrets that happen behind them, Tiffany thinks this is why she puts them into her journal every chance she gets. They are like a portal to a secret world that Tiffany creates one page at a time.

Vintage Girls (S923)

Tiffany is slightly addicted to vintage photos and use them often in her work.  She designed this stencil inspired by 4 friends, and their cute little outfits. There are so many different ways these can be used in your journal and canvas. 

Wacky Faces (S924)

Tiffany loves weird and unusual portraits. She also loves a good belly laugh, so the Wacky Face stencil was born. They are all unique in their own way like friends that you can use in many different ways. 

Yearbook (S925)

The Yearbook stencil grew from Tiffany's addiction to always search for yearbooks, She loves creating her own story about the people that live inside. This stencil gives you many different unique characters you can create with over and over again and it is easily modified to add extra whimsy to any project. 

When not in her studio you can find Tiffany out playing with her dogs and chickens or sitting on the beach with her husband Josh, who is a huge supporter of her work. 

You can find her at the links below:         

Tiffany's stencils are on sale now at

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